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Boost Your Conversion Rate

by resolving your visitors 3 main concerns

In order to gain credibility with your website visitors, you must first resolve their Security, Privacy and Business Identity concerns. If these concerns are resolved professionally and effectively, your site and data will be protected, you will build trust with your customers and add credibility to your website. Most importantly, it will increase your website's conversions and sales!

The most effective and easiest way to build trust is by adding Trust Guard trust seals to your website.

Protect Your Site From Hackers

with our comprehensive PCI Scanning Security Solution!

Here at Trust Guard we help you become PCI Compliant by scanning your website (or card terminals) Daily, Weekly or Quarterly, and then generate official ASV certified reports based on the findings of each scan. This report gives you a full description of your vulnerabilities along with their severity and an explanation on how to fix them. We also give you access to our Self-Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ) wizard, along with helpful PCI Support should any issues arise.

Once you have successfully passed your PCI Scan you can display our Security Scanned seal on your website. Placing this seal on above the fold will instantly let your customers know that your site is secure and protected.

Double Your Money Back Guarantee

for your first 60 days, so you'll know it works!

We know from years of experience in the business and all kinds of research, that having a safe website (especially one that's been scanned) has huge benefits. Your visitors will know it's safe if it displays a trust seal by Trust Guard. Visitors who feel safe, tend to stay on your site longer, and more of them become customers. As a result your conversion rate goes up and you make more sales or get more opt-ins.

That's why we dare offer the best guarantee in the industry!

Some of our Delighted Clients

What companies are saying about us Stacks and Stacks SGT Grit
"Trust Guard enabled me to cut costs and we even enjoyed a lift in conversions"

-Alaa H, INet Video
"We couldn't be happier with our choice to use Trust Guard to fill that requirement. We ran an AB test with Trust Guard against McAfee Secure using a 3rd Party Testing Company, Trust Guard beat McAfee by 11.8% and at a fraction of the cost!"

-Cathy McManus Media Director, Stacks and Stacks
"We decided to test Trust-Guard against McAfee Secure due to cost-savings potential of switching. We were satisfied that the conversion rate was at least as good as McAfee Secure and for 1/8th the price."

-Caleb Glave, SGT GRIT Marine Specialties
"We've tried 4 different security seals and services over the past several years and have finally found our favorite with TrustGuard. Their security scanning services are top-notch. They identify potential security issues and they alert us quickly. The seal is professional and clean and is not an attention hog. Since introducing the Trust Guard seal, our conversion rates have gone up. It's hard to ignore that."

-McKane Davis President,

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