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Online shoppers have doubts when visiting an unknown website.

Trust Guard directly addresses Security, Privacy and Business legitimacy concerns.

Feeling more confident, your visitors are more likely to buy.

Trust Guard Triangle of Trust
Privacy Seals

Your visitors hesitate to give you their private information.

  • We let you use our privacy policy generator
  • It will help you comply with online laws
  • This seal works best on your checkout pages
  • Your visitors will feel safe and buy from you
Security Seals   OR  

Security is your visitors’ #1 concern when shopping online.

  • We scan for more than 75,467 vulnerabilities
  • We give you a detailed report about the scan
  • We provide a seal to display on your website
  • When visitors see the seal, more of them buy

Business Seals

Online shoppers want to know that your website can be trusted.

  • We verify that you are a legitimate company
  • We provide you with a seal to show newcomers
  • We help you resolve any issues privately
  • When people visit your site, they will trust you

Secure Your Website

Safe websites build trust, resulting in more sales.


Online Shoppers are Concerned About Security

According to a Consumer Reports survey, 88% of internet users agreed that a website's ability to keep personal information safe was very important when influencing their decision to buy.


A Security Seal Must be Visible on Your Site

According to another recent Consumer Reports survey, 71% of internet shoppers said they would not shop on a website that does not display a security trust seal.

Security Seals

 There is a reason why thousands of sites like Fathead.com and Wards.com use Trust Guard's security scanning services.

Not only does it help keep their website secure, but it also increases their visitors' level of trust, which in turn converts more browsers into buyers.

~ Dave Brandley, CEO
Trust Guard

Complete Security for Your Website

Our security services come jam-packed with these standard features and benefits.

  • Scan & Resolve Vulnerabilities on your Site
  • Port, Network & Web Application Scan
  • Scanning to PCI Standards
  • Display Our Trusted Security Scan Seal

Security Scanned Helps you:

  • Find Vulnerabilities on your Site which Helps you Secure your Website
  • Keep your Ports, Networks and Website Applications Running Smoothly
  • Become PCI Compliant Complete with our Easy to use SAQ Wizard
  • Increase Conversions with our Instantly Recognized Security Scanned Trust Seal

Protect Consumer Privacy

Confidentiality can boost conversions.


Is Your Business "Privacy Conscious"?

In a Consumer Reports survey, participants were asked if websites should have a detailed Privacy Policy. 76% stated that a Privacy Policy on a website was very important.


Internet Tracking is a Major Concern

LA Times/USC Dornsife found in a recent poll that 82% of Californians are "very/somewhat" concerned about companies tracking their internet activity when making online purchases.

Privacy Seals

All the major Privacy laws and initiatives
verified with one seal.

Keeping Your Website's Privacy Safe

For opt-ins and checkouts alike, it pays to enact privacy measures.

  • Indepth Privacy Policy Verification Services
  • Intuitive Privacy Issue Resolution System
  • Display a Trusted Privacy Safe Seal

Privacy Safe Helps you:

  • Verify, Update and Embellish your existing privacy policy, or create one!
  • Resolve Issues quickly with our Privacy issue Resolution System
  • Increase Conversions with our Instantly Recognized Privacy Safe Trust Seal

Verify Your Business

Trusted websites make more money.


Can this Business be Trusted?

According to a recent Consumer Reports survey, 81% of online shoppers said they were less likely to buy from an untrusted online business.


What if there's a problem with my order?

In the same Consumer Reports survey as above, 95% of those surveyed said they wanted access to a websites email address, street address and support phone number in case anything happens.

Business Seals

Keeping Your Website's Privacy Safe

For opt-ins and checkouts alike, it pays to enact privacy measures.

  • 3rd Party Verification of your Business Credentials
  • Private Dispute Resolution System
  • Business Verified Website Trust Seal

Business Verified Helps you:

  • Show your customers that your website's info has been verified
  • Resolve issues quickly and descreetly
  • Build confidence with your visitors using our Business Verified trust seal

Since 2006, thousands of websites have used Trust Guard
to Build Trust & Make More Sales.

Case Studies

Notable Clients


Trust Guards security scanning services are top-notch. The seal is professional and clean and is not an attention hog. Since introducing the Trust Guard seal, our conversion rates have gone up. It's hard to ignore that.

Mckane Davis


Trust Guard enabled me to cut costs and we even enjoyed a lift in conversions!

Alaa H.


We couldn't be happier with our choice to use Trust Guard to fill that requirement. We ran an AB test with Trust Guard against McAfee Secure using a 3rd Party Testing Company, Trust Guard beat McAfee by 11.8% and at a fraction of the cost!

Cathy McManus


Garageflooringllc.com will personally vouch for Trust Guard! Awesome people. Go above and beyond. understatement. McAfee never again!

Justin Krauss


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