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Hacker Safe (aka Hackersafe) which was recently changed to McAfee Secure, and Trust Guard in many ways have a similar purpose. Both companies have made it their mission to make the internet a better place for both consumers and merchants by increasing consumer confidence in online shopping. As a direct result of their Security Seals, Trust Guard and Hacker Safe help to make internet purchases safer by reinforcing better security practices among site owners, and by setting a higher standard among legitimate businesses - giving them a powerful way to differentiate themselves. Both companies provide ASV certified PCI Scanning, and commit themselves to supporting and validating honest and reliable websites.

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While their ultimate objective may be the same, Trust Guard and Hacker Safe's techniques and methods are different.

Hacker Safe vs Trust Guard

One of the leading internet security sites on the web today, Hacker Safe provides PCI Scanning by monitoring servers. Testing is performed on each of their clients sites to provide information on possible vulnerabilities within the server that could directly affect online purchases and the sensitive information provided by customers. McAfee Secure's services have traditionally been targeted towards larger companies.

However, for small and large companies alike, Trust Guard is the premier, low-cost alternative to Hacker Safe. Trust Guard provides PCI Scanning combined with their innovative website verification process to create additional security options. By verifying the businesses physical address, phone number, support email, and scanning their website for vulnerabilities, Trust Guard ensures that companies are honestly and accurately portraying themselves to the buying public. By focusing primarily on business that process less than 20,000 transactions a year, Trust Guard is able to reduce their costs, saving you about 50% over McAfee Secure.

It is a proven fact that website credibility, and more specifically Security Seals, are a major contributor to building website credibility and establishing customer trust. The 3rd party assurance that Security Seals provide make consumers feel safe as they provide sensitive information in order to make purchases online, resulting in more sales and a bigger bottom line for your business.

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