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+ 16.51% + 11% + 11.8% + 15.1%
"The Trust Guard seals improved
our conversion by + 59.61%!"

-Paul Young, Skybound Software
"Our average number of monthly sales
went up approximately+ 30%. Thanks!"

-Dr. Alan Weidner,
"Thank you Trust Guard for saving us money
& increasing our sales by nearly + 12%!"

-Mark Griggs,
"Trust Guard seals have increased
overall conversions by + 46.4%."

-Dinesh Mistry, MyFairyTaleBooks
+ 51.9% + 11.4% + 15.1% + 35%
+ 27.1% + 13.7% + 4% + 13.7%


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  Mcafee Secure vs Trust Guard split test, Click to Enlarge

870k + Visitors Can't Be Wrong!

In a massive test with over 870,130 visitors, Trust
Guards' Security Scanned seal beat
the Mcafee
Secure seal by 3.69 times, and beat no seals by
4.25% with a 99.9% confidence interval, all on a
website that already had a great conversion rate.

Below Are Some Projections Based On The Test Results
Original Page No Seals 0 Additional Sales
Mcafee Secure Mcafee Secure Seal 1,559 Additional Sales
Trust Guard Security Scanned Seal 5,758 Additional Sales

More Results... Guaranteed to Make You Look Good!

    + 16.51% 
    + 11% 
    + 11.8% 
"The Trust Guard seals improved
our conversion by + 59.61%!"

-Paul Young, Skybound Software
"Our average number of monthly sales
went up approximately + 30%. Thanks!"

-Dr. Alan Weidner,
"Thank you for saving us money
& increasing our sales nearly 12%!"

-Mark Griggs,
          + 51.9%           + 11.4%           + 15.1%
          + 27.1%           + 13.7%           + 4%
    + 15.1% 
          + 35%           + 13.7%

Note: Your results may vary, you should always test on your website before making a final decision!
Take our "No-Risk, 60 day, DOUBLE your Money Back Guarantee" challenge and prove it to your self!

McAfee Secure

McAfee Secure (formally Hacker Safe) Versus Trust Guard®

Security Scanning and Trust Seals, from companies like Trust Guard and McAfee Secure™ help to make Internet purchases safer by reinforcing better security practices among website owners, giving them a powerful way to differentiate themselves.

That however, is where the similarities end. Trust Guard really pulls ahead of the competition in many ways for example:

  • Our seals are proven to convert better.

  • We give you more size, color and style options.

  • We offer our famous video seal.

  • In addition to our Security seal, we offer Privacy and Business Verification seals.

  • We offer quality products, exceptional service, and amazing value!

As mentioned above, both companies provide ASV certified PCI Scanning. This PCI Compliance testing or scanning is performed on each of our clients sites to provide information on possible vulnerabilities or security holes that might leave their website open to hackers, and malware. The goal is to stop any breaches within the server that could directly affect online purchases and jeopardize the sensitive information provided by customers.

The Premier Alternative PCI Scanning

When you compare both companies side-by-side, you will find that we are the premier alternative to McAfee Secure scanning. Trust Guard does more than just PCI compliant scanning, we combine regular PCI Scans with our industry leading 3rd party website verification process to deliver superior security, privacy and business identity solutions. As part of our website verification process, we ensure that companies are portraying themselves accurately to the buying public by verifying the businesses physical address, phone number, support email, and the websites SSL certificate. In addition, we are the price leader in the industry, saving you 50% or more over McAfee, which makes it's easy to see why we are the top choice for website security.

resulting in more sales for you!

Be sure to view our fun Trust Guard vs McAfee Secure videos on our Website Security YouTube channel..

Click this link for a breakout of our PCI Services.

Click to learn more about PCI Scanning, what it is, and how it affects your business.

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