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McAfee Secure vs. Trust Guard's Security Scanned

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Security Scanned   ASV* Certified (66,956+ Point) PCI Scanning
  Quarterly, Weekly and Daily Scanning
  Self Assessment Questionnaire Wizard
  Security Scanned seal with customization options
  Flexible Monthly or Yearly Pricing
  Set Pricing (no hidden fees)
  No Contracts
  NO PAGE VIEW FEES (sweet!)
  Seal Authenticated with Your Domain Name
  Website Verification Available
  Our Seals Convert Better!

McAfee Secure   ASV Certified PCI Scanning
  Quarterly and Daily Scanning Only
  Self Assessment Questionnaire
  Security Seal
  Yearly Pricing Only
  Pricing Increases Based on Traffic
  1 to 3 year contracts
  Page View Fees

Why choose Security Scanned by Trust Guard®?

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We currently scan for over
66,956 vulnerabilities
How many does
McAfee Secure scan for ???

Proven to Convert Better
Security Scanned by
Trust Guard wins test after
test against McAfee Secure

Spend Less, Earn More
Backed by our 60 day DOUBLE-your-
money-back guarantee
promise you'll make more sales!
Increase Sales

You win with Security Scanned by Trust Guard®

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We scan for more
vulnerabilities and
security holes.

Security Seals

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Our seal converts
better than the

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Place the seal
on your website
and shopping cart.

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Secure your website,
save money, and
Increase sales today!

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McAfee Secure™ (formally Hacker Safe) Versus Trust Guard®

Security Scanning and Trust Seals, from companies like Trust Guard and McAfee Secure™ help to make Internet purchases safer by reinforcing better security practices among website owners, giving them a powerful way to differentiate themselves. Mcafee Secure Details

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