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If you take Credit Card's, PCI Compliance is now required by Visa, Master Card, AmEx, and others. It's required because the Credit Card companies know how easy most websites are to hack.

Over 80% of all sites have security holes or vulnerabilities that leave them WIDE OPEN to hackers.

Trust Guard's 66,956 point PCI Scan finds security holes before hackers do, so you and your visitors can relax knowing your site is safe.

What makes Trust Guard Different?

Our 'More Sales Guarantee' - Our Trust Seals build trust, and are Guaranteed to increase your online sales or we will give you Double your money back!

Exceptional Customer Service - If you ever have a problem our professional staff is available by Phone, Chat and/or Email.

66,956 Point PCI Scan - Our scans typically exceed PCI compliance requirements, so don't be surprised if you are being scanned by a competitor and fail your first scan with Trust Guard.

No Contracts - We want you to stay with us because you want to not because you have to. Therefore we do not require you to commit to any contract what-so-ever.

Low Price - You get a lot more from Trust Guard, yet we still charge 40% to 60% less than our competitors year after year.

Fixed Pricing - Do you despise price increases? We do too and that's why your price is locked for life. Once you purchase, your price will never go up.

Huge Discounts - We reward our valued members with deep discounts on any additional sites, and even give them the ability to effortlessly manage multiple domains with one account.

Verification Seals - We offer our Privacy Verified and Business Verified seals which perfectly compliment the Security Scanned seal and are proven to further increase your conversion rate.

Bonus Fail Over Security Seal - The Security Scanned seal comes with a special backup feature unique to Trust Guard. If for some reason your website doesn't pass the stringent PCI Security Scanned seal requirements the system will automatically display the Security Verified Seal as a proxy. Then, when you fix your vulnerabilities, and your site passes the necessary PCI Scan, the Security Scanned seal will again display - this unique backup feature ensures that you always display a valid security seal on your site.

PCI Compliance Made Easy?

PCI Compliance can be complicated, frustrating, and extremely boring. Trust Guard simplifies the process and makes compliance easy with our SAQ (Self Assessment Questionnaire) wizard. It's still boring, but the good news is, we can have your first scan going in 10-20 minutes. Yes, that fast!

So, in an effort to help you keep your sanity, I've put together the following information for every online business owner that's been told that they need PCI Scanning to make their website compliant, but don't ever get a straight answer as to what it is, why they need it, what to do about it, or how to get it. My goal here is to simplify PCI for you so that you can make a clear, educated decision and weigh your options on your terms. You won't find any other resource like this online, so be sure to bookmark it so you can easily access it again. I should also mention that while we go to great lengths to provide you with as accurate information as possible, we don't make the rules, laws and/or regulations that govern PCI, and the information below may change at any time. So, if your bank or acquirer (that's one of those ambiguous words I'll define for you below) tell you something different than what is stated below, we recommend you follow their instructions. This document is for information purposes only. For the official 'migraine-inducing' documentation, go to

Okay, here we go... First the basics...

PCI stands for Payment Card Industry. The official name is the PCI Security Standards Council (or PCI SSC but most people usually just say PCI or PCI Council). It is an organization that was founded by the five major credit card companies, (American Express, Discover, JCB, MasterCard, and Visa) in order to create a uniform set of security standards for companies to follow when processing credit card transactions. Until the PCI Council was organized, each of these companies had their own standards that were similar to each other but not uniform, which created a lot of problems.

I'm a Level 4 Merchant and I heard that PCI Scanning was optional, is that right? No. Here's what Bank of America states on their website... Effective October 1, 2008: PCI Level 4 merchants using third-party software are required to either use PA-DSS-validated payment applications or meet PCI-DSS compliance requirements in order to board as a new merchant with Bank of America.

What it really boils down to is your acquirer's (your merchant bank's) specific requirements, as each acquirers requirements are different. Your acquirer has a lot of influence on what you need to provide as far as PCI DSS compliance. If you are concerned about your liability or your responsibility as a merchant, contact your acquirer and ask them what they want from you in order for you to meet their requirements.

Final Thoughts

In my opinion, the true value of PCI compliance certification really boils down to two things; 1. Your peace of mind and 2. Your customers perception of your website's security. When your customers perceive that your website has advanced security measures in place to protect them, they have much more confidence and trust in your website, and are more likely to buy from you, which in turn increases your ROI. In nearly every case, the return is far more than it ever costs for the service. Click to see your ROI with our scanning and Trust Seals.

Well, I hope this information has helped you see PCI Scanning and compliance from a new, fresh perspective, and that you'll be able to make a better, more educated decision when it comes to protecting your website. Here's to your online success!


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Trust Guard

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