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Truste is now Focusing on Privacy for Enterprise Clients.

So, If you're doing 50K + transactions per year, we recommend you contact Truste. For everyone else Trust Guard's Privacy Verified Services are the perfect choice for you!

It's Fast, Easy and Affordable

TRUSTe or Trust Guard® That is the question! Or is it?

The answer is easy. If you do less than 50,000 transactions per year and want a professional, easy, affordable Privacy Policy and Trust Seal, Trust Guard has the perfect solution for you. However, if you are an Enterprise client and handle more than 50,000 transactions per year, (not an affiliate link) is the best option for your business.

Trust Guard and Truste both provide professional privacy policies and privacy seals to legitimate and trustworthy websites that pass rigorous privacy policy reviews; But each company has services tuned to their niche. This makes sense when you think about it, big Enterprise companies have specialized privacy requirements that the rest of us will never have to worry about and that's exactly the difference in our services.

Regardless of your company size, Privacy Policies and Trust Seals have proven to be important. In fact a recent UCLA study found that four out of five Internet users said that being able to trust the information on a website is very important in their ultimate decision to visit or make a purchase on a website.

Establishing Credibility with Privacy Seals

Establishing web credibility is vital to the success of an Internet business. One of the easiest ways to do that is by having a great privacy policy and by having a third party, like Truste or Trust Guard, verify your policy with a privacy seal. A privacy seal proves to your visitors that your site can be trusted with their vital and private information. Privacy seals reassure your visitors and customers that their data is protected and that making a purchase with your company will be a positive and safe experience.

TRUSTe offers high-end privacy verification for larger corporate websites. Their pricing ranges from $499 to $14,000* a year depending on your company's gross yearly sales.

Trust Guard® offers privacy verification and seals for large and small eCommerce websites for only $297 a year, and it only takes a few minutes to set up.

As you can see, the added credibility that comes with privacy seals and services will boost your online sales and website conversion rates. These trust seals are a fast and effective way to validate your trustworthiness on the important pages of your site.

With over 307,685 privacy policies created to date it's no wonder Trust Guard is #1 in Privacy! To get started click the button below.







* Truste™ price based on starter package, up to 3,000 seal views /mo 1 website URL. Prices shown were current at time of printing, however, it is always best to confirm before making a final decision.



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