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Website Security, Is your Website Safe?

Website security and testing is a vital part of the success of your online business. Making it a priority is crucial to your credibility as well as the protection of you and your customers. Understanding that and taking the steps to properly implement online security practices can mean the dream of increased sales and more business becomes a reality. Trust Guard wants to be a part of that dream.

Like Never Before

The growth of the internet provides website owners with unique business opportunities everyday. Like never before, the internet makes the dream of retailing on a global level a reality for large and small business owners alike. Unfortunately, that growth also attracts those with less than honorable intentions in mind when it comes to website files and sensitive information consumers pass along from emails to credit cards.

Company Integrity

Without the proper web security, web site files and data can easily be changed, damaged or stolen, and the integrity of the company compromised. When protection of the server and a web site isn't given the utmost priority, billions of dollars as well as consumer identities and credit card information are put in jeopardy.

Web Security a Critical Component

With that in mind, it's easy to make the connection that website security is a critical component of the success of any web based business. Online shoppers are savvy enough to be wary of sites they feel aren't secure or companies that don't seem willing to do what it takes to protect their identity and personal information from theft.

Simply stating that you have the proper web security in place isn't enough these days. You have to take action and prove that your company values and respects both consumers and their information.

Show That Your Website is Safe

The threat of identity theft and credit card fraud stops many would-be shoppers from making transactions online. According to recent surveys, 71% of consumers won't shop on websites that do not display a website security seal.

Trust seals go a long way with potential customers to show your site is safe, and that you are willing to undergo the scrutiny of a third party verification to maintain your

website's security and integrity.

PCI Scanning

Proper security for websites that process transactions and collect private information requires PCI Scanning- quarterly scanning as a minimum. A PCI scan means that any and all provided IP addresses that are related to your site and transaction process are scanned regularly for known vulnerabilities. Basically, a PCI Scan helps to ensure that what comes in and goes out of your website is safe.

Prominently displayed trust seals combined with frequent PCI scanning can mean more credibility and an increase in online sales for your company. Implementing the proper website security testing tells consumers that you put their privacy, information, and security in high regard. It tells your customers that you believe that their protection and peace of mind matters to your business.

Trust Seals

There are many companies that provide trust seals and many that provide PCI Scanning. None of them, however, have the kind of comprehensive website security and testing that Trust Guard offers. In an effort to both recognize and resolve security, privacy and business identity concerns among online consumers, Trust Guard provides trust seals and services that cannot be matched by their competitors.

Not only that, but they believe whole heartedly that both large and small businesses should be given the opportunity to grow and succeed through their services, and their prices are a reflection of that belief.

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