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While most companies focus on just one area, website security or verification. Trust Guard offers the best of both Website Security and Verification, all designed to protect your site and increase your conversion rates. View the chart below to see how the competition measures up.

Daily PCI Scanning
PCI Scan Trust Seal
Bonus Security Verified Fail Over Seal
Business Verification w/ seal
Dispute Resolution
Privacy Verification w/ Seal
Bonus Professional Privacy Policies
Customizable Seals   
Multiple Seal Styles
Multiple Seal Sizes
Multiple Seal Colors
Fast have your seals in 2 business days or less!**
Easy, simplified online forms
No Risk, 60 Day, DOUBLE your
Money Back Guarantee!*
Trust Guard TM
Multi-Seal Pack Includes: Daily Scanning, Privacy & Business
Trust Guard®
Mcafee Secure TM
Daily Scanning
McAfee Secure
Truste TM
Disputes made Public
BBB Online®

* We recommend that you compare current competitor services and pricing before making a final decision.
** The amount of time depends on how fast you respond to our simple verification questions.
For example: if you fax your information in right away and you have a privacy policy that meets our
requirements, you could have your site approved in about 30 minutes.

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