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Your Visitors have 3 main concerns when shopping online




The 1st concern visitors have:
Is my personal information Safe?
The 2nd concern visitors have:
Can this site be trusted?
The 3rd concern visitors have:
Does the site have a Privacy Policy?
(88% of Internet users surveyed, viewed
this as "Very Important")*
(81% of Internet users surveyed, viewed this
as "Very Important") 95% of those surveyed
want access to a websites email address,
street address, and phone number.*
(76% of Internet users surveyed, viewed
this as "Very Important")*
*According to a Consumer Reports survey

Security Seals
Resolve your visitors Security concerns with

Security Scanned

Security Scanned by Trust Guard, uses the latest PCI Scanning technology, and combines it with a powerful trust boosting security seal. So now you can protect your site to the latest security standards, and purvey more confidence to your visitors.

Satisfy Business Identity concerns with

Business Verified

Trust Guard Business Verified is the fastest, most effective way to let your customers know that you are who you say you are. By displaying the Business Verified Seal, your customers instantly know that your business information has been verified by Trust Guard.

Address your visitors Privacy concerns with

Privacy Verified

Your visitors want to know that their privacy is respected, and kept safe. Privacy Verified by Trust Guard helps you build visitor confidence by utilizing an up to date Privacy Policy with Privacy verification and our Privacy Dispute system.


 Comprehensive Security Solution

Scan your site for over 61,254 security holes
Store all your reports together in one place
Easy Self Assessment Questionnaire wizard
User friendly member control panel
PCI Compliance made easy

PCI (Payment Card Industry) scanning involves having a PCI ASV (Approved Scanning Vendor) scan any and all IP addresses that the public has access to, related to your website’s transaction process. Trust Guard provides PCI compliant scanning services to protect your website which include web application, network and port scanning. We now scans your site for over 61,254 vulnerabilities, and provide all the tools you need to become PCI compliant. Become PCI Compliant with Trust Guard PCI Scanning

 Make More Sales Guaranteed!

Buyer Confidence = More Sales!

When visitors see that a reliable 3rd party has scanned, evaluated, and verified your website, their concerns are quickly resolved. This builds Trust and credibility so more of your hard earned visitors take action, and you (with your big smile) make more sales! We are so confident that you will see results, that we have remove all risk with our unprecedented 60 Day, Double Your Money Back Guarantee!

It's Fast, Easy and Affordable
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