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Better Business Bureau® vs Trust Guard®

We believe both companies seek to serve the public by advocating better business practices so that consumers, their information and their purchases are safe. It is also the purpose of both organizations to help consumers feel more confident about their purchases and to educate and empower them with the information they need to make informed decisions about who they conduct business with.

While it is true that both Trust Guard® and The BBB® are striving to help the buying public be more aware of businesses that are trustworthy and legitimate, we go about it in different ways, as shown in the chart below.

Better Business Bureau® (BBB®) vs Trust Guard®

During the past 90+ years the BBB® has committed itself to providing dispute resolution, business reliability reports and a general awareness of legitimate and illegitimate business for the buying public. Their goal is to help customers build trust in business, while helping businesses to grow and continue relationships with their patrons.

Trust Guard is a third party verification company whose primary objective is to benefit online merchants and customers the world over by identifying safe and legitimate websites to conduct business with. We provide online consumers with the information they need to make informed decisions by verifying websites' authenticity and making sure that they are honestly portraying themselves to their visitors.

Although it can be used in conjunction with the BBB® (BBB Online) Seal, Trust Guard's Business Verified Seal is specifically designed to cater to small and medium sized online businesses who want to increase consumer trust in their business, and save year after year, when they opt for our Seal..

In order to qualify for our Business Verified Seal, an organization must assure that their privacy policies are up to standards provided by Trust Guard®, both their business and a managing member's address must be verified, as well as their customer service phone number and support email address.

Many online customers are still wary about the online transaction process, and they are especially concerned with whether or not a particular site can be trusted with their sensitive information. First and foremost, consumers want to know that a company is who they say they are. Both Trust Guard® and the Better Business Bureau® verify business identity. Their goal is to ensure that businesses are correctly and honestly portraying themselves to the public.

A Trust Guard® seal gives customers a visual affirmation that business transactions will be private, safe and protected. Increasing customer trust in your website will result in better site conversion rates and higher sales.


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