BBB® Online vs Trust Guard®

Trust Guard® beats BBB Online® in price, ease of use, and we keep disputes PRIVATE!

Customer disputes should be taken seriously. If handled quickly and professionally a customer with concerns can become the greatest ally of your company and website. So, why should disputes be made public for years after the dispute, especially after they have been resolved?

Trust Guard® gives you a top of the line PRIVATE dispute system that helps you turn clients with concerns into friends and allies. It's easy and it works! What could be better than that?

BBB® Online and Trust Guard® both seek to serve the public by advocating better business practices so that consumers information and their purchases are safe.

Despite the drop in overall spending by consumers over the last few years, the popularity of online shopping continues to grow. With that popularity comes the responsibility of online businesses to protect their customers--their information and their privacy. In the world of e-commerce building a reputation of trust is a critical component of success.

More than ever before, and largely because of the Internet, would be online shoppers have access to information on companies they are considering doing business with. They can check out customer and critical reviews, read articles or blog posts and even ask friends on social networks and message boards. Consumers these days are also aware of and watch for third party verification seals like the BBB Accredited Business® seal and our Business Verified seal.

Business Verified Seals

Research shows that being able to verify a business is the one of the top one concerns for visitors when they use the Internet to shop, and is the main reason many continue to avoid online shopping entirely. Establishing the kind of reputation that says safety and privacy are high priorities by becoming certified by a trusted third party's reliability program can go a long way in e-commerce. Our Business Verified trust seal is a confirmation to anyone visiting a site that the company behind it has been evaluated and verified and that they have met the program's standards and criteria for good business practices online.

The primary goal of third party verification is to address the concerns that consumers have about the safety of shopping online. Verification seal programs serve as a resource for online customers to ensure the companies they are giving their business and private information to have their safety and privacy in mind. Both BBB Online® and Trust Guard® are committed to promoting reliability and privacy practices among online businesses, which in turn promotes confidence and trust among online consumers.

Why get Trust Guard?

Low price is a good reason, but Trust Guard® excels in more than just low price. For example:

  • We offer PRIVATE dispute resolution and never make disputes public, unlike the BBBonline.

  • No grades to worry about. (Our clients are all A++)

  • Easy to setup and get started.

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