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Do Your Customers Know Who You Are?
95% of surveyed consumers said that they wanted access to a website's business email address, street address and phone number, according to Consumer Reports. We know what you’re thinking: I’ll just go ahead and smack that info right on my homepage then! No. That’s not how it works and we’ll tell you why.

Websites can lie. The only way for a business to prove that they’re really, truly, a legit business is if they are certified by another company. This is why it's important to add a third-party Business Verified seal from a company like Trust Guard to your website.

The Business Verified Seal by Trust Guard shines so bright that it’s like staring into the sun. It is the fastest, most effective, stealth-ninja way to let your customers know that you’re legit. By displaying the Business Verified trust seal, your customers instantly know that your business information has been verified by Trust Guard. If your customers want to verify your contact info, they can either drag their mouse over the seal for instant confirmation, or they can click on the seal for a more detailed description of the verification process. Who knew that increasing sales and verifying your awesomeness could be so easy? It would be nice if all things were so easy.

Business Verified Build Trust

As part of our Business Verification service, we also include professional, dispute resolution, which gives your customers a great way to resolve any special problems or unique issues. Our dispute resolution service is very effective, and has saved many of our clients from harmful public complaints. One key benefit to our dispute resolution process is that it is done privately, which means that it will not be publicly posted by Trust Guard, thus helping to preserve your online reputation.

*Your managing member's information is kept private and is only used as an alternative contact. If you operate your business out of your home, we have different options available to you, where you can use either a single address, or have both your address and a mailbox verified. We also have a special option available if you use a drop shipper and have separate return instructions.


  • We gather two sets of information when possible; your business information, and a managing member's information.

  • We then verify your business address, support phone, and support email, along with your managing member's address.

  • We check your website against three of the leading consumer complaint organizations online, to make sure that you are in good standing with your current clients.

  • Once the verification process is complete, your business information is then displayed on your Business Verified certificate for your visitor's peace of mind.

  • Your business explodes and you buy your mother an original Picasso that looks like crayon scribbles.

In addition to our Business Verified Trust seal, we also offer Security and Privacy seals, which work together with our Business Verified seal to resolve the 3 main concerns that your customers have, helping to maximize your sales and increase conversion.

We have everything that you need for your business to succeed. Our products and services validate your website, grow consumer trust, and increase your sales! Choose us to take your business to another level of awesome.

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