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OK, How Can 3 Simple Trust Seals Make a Difference In My Sales?

Good question! Independent surveys show that people who visit a website for the first time often have 3 main Concerns, things that make them anxious, worried, or nervous about buying from that website...

Security Lock First Concern - Will My Information Be Safe?


Is your website safe to navigate?
Has the website been Scanned to protect my personal information from hackers?
Does the site have an SSL to protect my information as it travels across the Internet?
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    This Site Has Been Scanned!

Business Verified Second Concern - Who Is Behind This Website?


Is your company's address, phone number, and email displayed on your website?
Has this information been verified by a 3rd party?
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    This Business Has Been Verified!

Privacy Verified Third Concern - Is This Website Protecting My Privacy?


Do you respect my information, will you keep it confidential?
Is your Privacy Policy accurate and up to date?
Do you offer Privacy Dispute Resolution Services should any issue arise?
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    This Site Has A Good Privacy Policy

Our Trust Seals Help Resolve Concerns

When visitors see that a reliable 3rd party has scanned, evaluated, and verified your website, their concerns are quickly resolved. This builds Trust and credibility so more of your hard earned visitors take action, and you (with your big smile) make more sales!.

The Bottom Line    
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Best Guarantee in the Industry

Here at Trust Guard, we put our money where our mouth is. That's why we offer the best Guarantee available to let you know that we stand by our products and services 100%.

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