Online Security

Getting hacked could cost you everything you've worked for.

Having your site compromised can be more than just a huge headache. You are held liable for the information that was compromised, which can result in severe fines, bankruptcy, lawsuits, and a permanently tarnished reputation. Unless youâ??re royalty, youâ??re not going to come back from a sketchy reputation.

There's a huge chance your site is vulnerable!

The other bad news is that studies show that over 80% of websites have security holes!* Because of the statistical probability of an eventual catastrophe, merchant banks and credit card companies require PCI compliance.

Get Online Security for your site.

Trust Guard scans your site for known vulnerabilities. Vulnerabilities are added every month so your service is always updated with the latest security measures.

Security comes with perks!

It might sound complicated but itâ??s surprisingly simple. Consumers donâ??t trust websites they donâ??t know, security seals help to alleviate some of that buyer anxiety by building trust. When people trust your site, theyâ??re more willing to buy from you.

Security, safety, sales!

Online Security

Online security increases in importance as billions of dollars are spent in eCommerce every year, and as security breaches become frequent. When it comes to eCommerce, the internet is an amazing source for consumers and business owners alike. It can be an amazing platform for business, commerce, socializing, and access to endless information. It can also be a place of distrust, fraud, and theft. Whether itâ??s selling or buying, those who get the most out of the internet are those who practice good safe habits.

Online Shoppers

An unprecedented number of people shop online. Billions of dollars are spent every year in eCommerce. Responsible business owners ensure that their website is a safe place to spend money online with strong online security in place. Website owners are aware that as shopping on the internet continues to grow in popularity, consumers are increasingly savvy about which sites to give their business to and which ones to avoid.

Shoppers Know

  • Informed internet shoppers know to stay clear of any website that hasnâ??t put the proper online security in place. They look for websites that display a third-party trust seal that sets guidelines for online security.

  • Reputable companies and websites make their Privacy Policies available to customers, as well as information about how orders are processed, and how their information will be stored and used.

  • Where online website security is concerned, PCI scanning should also be a major part of the set-up of a successful ecommerce site.

PCI Scanning for Online Security

PCI (Payment Card Industry) scanning isnâ??t as complicated as it sounds. Basically, scanning ensures that digital information going in and out of a website is free of viruses and safe from hackers. PCI scanning means that any and all IP addresses related to a merchant site and the transactions made on it are scanned for known vulnerabilities. Effective website security services are constantly updating and adding to their list of known vulnerabilities so that all avenues for breach can be covered. Protecting sites, customers and business owners.

There are several companies that offer online security services out there. Trust Guard, is one that provides those services at a price that both large, well-established websites, as well as brand new start-ups can easily afford. We also provide the kind of comprehensive online security scan or testing that cannot be matched by our competitors. These scans combined with our Trust Seals show your visitors that you take their security seriously, boosting consumer trust and increase sales.

You've got enough to think about, so let us get things going for you! We'll increase your sales, protect your site, and increase prospective clients trust in your business so you can finally relax and enjoy your success. Cheers to winning!

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