Trust Guard PCI Scanning Features

To understand more about PCI vulnerability scanning, and why we do the things we do, we thought it may help you make an informed decision by explaining all the features that come with our Security Scanned services. Who knows, with a little time and attention even you may be a security expert!

Main Features

  • Daily, weekly, or quarterly scans combined with trust seals, protect your server against over 75,613 vulnerabilities and increases consumer trust.
  • ASV certified PCI Scanning provided by Clone Systems, Trust Guard's scanning partner.
  • Trust Guard's Security Scanned seal which adds credibility to your site.
  • No software or programs to download or install!
  • Automated scanning with email notifications upon status change so you're always up-to-date.
  • Dedicated PCI support available by chat, phone, or email to help you with all of your compliance needs.

Improving your website security improves your sales

Your website security is in good hands with Trust Guard! We scan your servers daily, weekly or quarterly based on your PCI DSS Compliance needs. In a lot of ways we’re like that stalker you had in college, except that we make your life awesome and less scary.

It’s a fact that online shoppers are concerned about your online security. Not only that, the major credit card companies are imposing ever-increasing fines and penalties for websites that suffer a security breach. It’s not worth losing all of your hard work over a tiny slip in security. One of the easiest, smartest ways to protect yourself and your customers from hackers is by performing daily, weekly, or quarterly Trust Guard PCI scans on your website. Not only do Trust Guard PCI Scans help protect your server from over 61,254 known vulnerabilities, but it also builds consumer confidence and as a result it increases your sales. More money? Yes! One day, with the right security, you could be Oprah-rich.

Build Instant Trust with Trust Guard PCI Security seals

At Trust Guard we like to compare our PCI Scanning services to anti-virus software for your PC. Just like anti-virus software scans your PC for viruses, our PCI Scan scans your web-server for vulnerabilities. The goal is the same: Protect your business and your customers. These scans provide insight into your system’s security status, and warns you of outdated software and potential security holes so that you can fix them and prevent hackers from compromising your server.

One of the unique features to Trust Guard is that we are flexible. Not in a gymnastics sort of way- because that would be odd-but we do offer both daily, weekly and quarterly PCI Scans, depending on your particular needs.

Once you have passed the PCI Scanning requirements and your server is secure, you are awarded the daily, weekly, or quarterly Trust Guard PCI Security Scanned seal that you can proudly display on your website. It acts as a beacon of awesome, telling your customers of the advanced security measures you've implemented on their behalf. It’s kind of like when Romeo shouted his love for Juliet into that window, but in our scenario there’s a happy ending where your sales increase and your customers reciprocate by spreading your business around social media until you’re famous.

Create a safer environment for your customers to shop

Trust Guard PCI Scanning is a very effective, user-friendly service that helps protect both you and your customers from malicious hackers, security breaches, and exploits that can strike without warning (remember Heartbleed, the Target store hacks?). Regularly scanning your server for vulnerabilities shows your customers that you are genuinely concerned for their welfare and security, which increases trust and credibility. In addition, as the leading third-party website verification company online, we are the only company that combines PCI Scanning with website verification, which adds additional security and validation for your customers that they can't get anywhere else. We have so many levels of validation and security that we’re practically the Superman of our industry.

Set it and forget it

With the Trust Guard PCI Scanning service, everything is configured in your control panel. It’s so easy! There are no installations or downloads! You simply enter the domain names that you need scanned and our system will run automatically. And, if you ever need help we have seasoned PCI experts standing by to assist you. Whenever a vulnerability is detected, we’ll immediately email you an alert prompt to login to your account.

Safe and easy-to-use

  • Simply enter your domain name in your control panel, press start and we do the rest. Your systems will be scanned regularly as needed. It’s really that easy.
  • There are no programs or software to download.
  • Your server is scanned during off-hours for minimum impact.

Advanced Member Control Panel

  • Your member control panel includes a number of innovative tools and features to give you the best chance to protect your site . Easy step-by-step instructions are automatically in place which guide you through the process of passing your scan and becoming compliant to PCI Standards. Along with these instructions are helpful videos which walk you through the process of fixing failed scans, navigating the SAQ Wizard, and even what to do once your scan comes back clean. We also have added our handy Issue Resolution Center widget to help you resolve issues quickly, directly from your member control panel.
  • We also include Security Scanned trust seal customization options so you can get the best conversion rate possible. Depending on the Security Scanned seal variation that you select, changes to size and color may be available, which allows you to match the seal to your website.

Informative reports

  • Receive an email report every time your status changes so you're always up-to-date on what is happening.
  • Log into your member control panel for instant access to both detailed and executive reports on every scan ever performed on your server.

Up-to-date security

  • We are always on top of what’s happening in the hacker/security world. We continually add new vulnerabilities to our system to ensure that your server is protected.
  • Trust Guard is committed to making sure our service utilizes the latest in security technology as it becomes available.

Knowing is half of the battle. Now, go forth and and win! Get PCI Scanning by signing up for Trust Guard Security Scanned Today!

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