What is PCI Scanning?

PCI Scanning stands for "Payment Card Industry" scanning. It involves having a PCI ASV (Approved Scanning Vendor) scan any and all IP addresses that the public has access to, related to your website or your site's transaction process.

When your merchant account provider or bank asks you to conduct a PCI Scan, they are asking you to ensure that all IP addresses that feed into or out from your site are clean and virus-free. But PCI Scanning, like all things security-based, is much more than a necessary evil for your site. It's more than just checking "get a tax ID number" or "set up 1-800 number" off your list of things you HAVE to do when you setup your website.

PCI Scanning is necessary and most banks are coming down hard on merchants who have not had PCI scanning done and have suffered a security breach. It’s rumored that they’ve been known to issue massive fines, and send out legions of trolls to flatten your tires and trash your flower garden. Okay, maybe the trolls is a bit of a stretch, but the fines are real and can lead to bankruptcy; these guys are not to be messed with.

How Does It Work?

PCI scanning doesn’t have to be difficult. In fact, we’ve set out to make it as easy as possible for you because we know that you’re busy and your time is precious. We want to make PCI scanning easy and fast-wind in your hair fast-and satisfying, like a diving into a pool on a hot day.

  1. Trust Guard's scanning partner Clone Systems, an approved scanning vendor, will scan your site for thousands of vulnerabilities.

  2. If the site passes the scan you’ll fill out your SAQ using our wizard. Then, you’ll forward your SAQ and Executive Report to your merchant bank.

    IF YOU FAIL the initial scan, you’ll be attacked by witches who will beat you with sticks. Just kidding. We’ll forward your report to your hosting company and webmaster so the issues can be resolved. After the vulnerabilities are fixed you can re-scan your site.

  3. WOO-HOO! Your site is now PCI Compliant! You are winning!

How Trust Guard Compares To The Competition

Both companies comply with PCI security standards to perform all vulnerability scans, and both companies generate Executive Reports with Approved Scanning Vendor numbers, which is necessary in order for the scans to be properly accepted by your bank (or acquirer). However, in edition to these:

  1. Trust Guard combines world class PCI Scanning with our leading third-party website verification services. Together, these two features provide the ultimate security, privacy and business verification seals online. In other words, we offer a comprehensive, one-stop shopping package for all your site security needs at a much lower price.

  2. Trust Guard scans for more vulnerabilities than our competition.

  3. Trust Guard is the only company to offer a Security Scanned trust seal.

  4. All of our seals can be split-tested to determine the exact increase in conversion for your website (you can watch yourself go from hot to super-nova!).

  5. Trust Guard is the only company to back its service with a 60-day Double-Your-Money -Back Guarantee.

  6. Trust Guard is the only company who trains unicorns to do paperwork and stand guard. The office is full of magic and rainbows by day, and ninja unicorns by night.

Trust Guard offers a better price and more combined services which provide more credibility and value than our competitors.

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