Privacy Seals

Privacy Seals

Privacy Policies & Seals Build Trust

Trust = More Opt-ins and Sales! If you own or operate an eCommerce website you already know that providing an informative, accurate, up-to-date privacy policy and seal is critical when trying to build trust and confidence with your customers.

Privacy has become so important that there are now numerous state and federal laws and security standards, along with a number of independent initiatives to help online companies improve the quality and accuracy of their privacy policies and procedures.

In 2010 Trust Guard became the #1 privacy services provider, beating Truste, a long time leader in the industry. When you look at our privacy safe seal and service, it's easy to see why Trust Guard and it's affiliates have generated professional privacy policies to date. Our privacy safe seals can be seen on web pages all around the world.

Introducing Privacy Safe

When you sign up for the privacy safe seal, we work with you to bring your privacy policy not only up to Trust Guard's 3 point privacy protect standards, but we also help you to comply with the standards of several leading privacy organizations, and various state and federal laws and initiatives online, including the Federal Trade Commission Fair Information Practices, the California Online Privacy Protection Act, the CAN-SPAM Act, and the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA), giving you the most accurate, informative privacy policy possible.

Private Dispute Resolution Services

In order to comply with some of the privacy standards mentioned above, businesses are required to provide third-party privacy dispute resolution services to their customers. Here at Trust Guard, we have a fully operational, and private, dispute resolution system in place, where we work with you and your customers to help resolve any privacy problems or issues that may arise. In summary, when it comes to privacy, the one thing your customers really want to know is that you take their privacy seriously. By adding the Trust Guard privacy safe seal to your website, your privacy policy immediately stands out from the competition, and provides your customers with additional reassurance and peace of mind, making them more likely to trust you and buy from you.

Professional Privacy Policy Generator

A huge BONUS that really sets us apart from our competitors is our innovative, user-friendly Professional Privacy Policy Generator. This program takes all the hard work out of the privacy compliance process, and turns it into an incredibly simple, 10 to 15 minute questionnaire that generates a professional, easy-to-read policy, encompassing the standards of all of the privacy initiatives mentioned above, all while catering to your specific needs.

If for some reason you don't meet the standards of one or more of the initiatives, the policy generator will inform you of any additional steps needed to comply. Once you're ready to publish your policy, you have the option to upload it to your website for us to verify, or to simply press a button and have us host your policy for you for free. If you already have an existing policy or want to update or upgrade your existing policy, we can also work with you to bring your policy into compliance.

In addition to our Privacy Safe Trust seal and service, we also offer Security and Business seals, which work together to resolve the 3 main concerns that your visitors and customers have, helping to maximize your sales and conversion.

We have everything that you need for your business to succeed. Our products and services validate your website, grow consumer trust, and increase your sales! Choose us to take your business to another level of awesome.

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