Security Seals

Security Seals

Security, Safety, And More Sales!

If you sell products or services online it's important to have proper security measures in place to protect yourself and your customers from security breach, theft and fraud. Taking the right security measures safeguards your business from lawsuits, fines, and a tarnished reputation. Great security also means more sales for your business!

When your visitors feel secure they are more likely to:

  • Buy from you
  • Make larger purchases
  • Become repeat customers

Introducing Security Scanned

One of the most effective ways to directly address security concerns on your website is by having your website scanned to PCI Compliance on a regular basis. PCI Scanning is necessary and most banks are coming down hard on merchants who have not had PCI scanning done and have suffered a security breach. Our PCI Compliance scans check for over 75,613 vulnerabilities or security holes that hackers might use to compromise your website.

Once your website passes our vulnerability scans, you can let your shoppers know that your website is safe by displaying our Security Scanned trust seal. Our security seals inform shoppers that your business is safe, responsible, and totally awesome.

"Increase conversion with trust and security seals"

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