Shopper Approved

When it comes to building trust and credibility into your online brand, Shopper Approved and Trust Guard are two of the most powerful tools you can add to your arsenal.

Shopper Approved helps you collect social proof and establish your online reputation through customer ratings and reviews, and Trust Guard provides your customers with additional safety and trust on your shopping cart and checkout pages.

Are Shopper Approved and Trust Guard owned by the same company?

Yes. Shopper Approved and Trust Guard are owned by Trust Brands, and were designed to help online businesses maximize their sales through social proof (Shopper Approved), and online security (Trust Guard).

Shopper Approved was established in 2010, and is one of the largest, most trusted rating and review platforms in the world. Over the years, Shopper Approved has received several prestigious awards, including two Inc. 500 Awards, a Utah Fast 50 Award, and three Utah 100 Awards.

Trust Guard was launched in 2006, and protects 1000’s of websites around the world from hackers every day. In 2019, Trust Guard launched the ‘Total Website Protection’ plan that includes 4 Layers of Protection to fully protect both your website and your business.

How can Shopper Approved help to grow my business?

Shopper Approved collects both Seller Ratings and Product Reviews from your existing customers after they make a sale, beautifully displays those ratings and reviews strategically on your website, and then syndicates them to multiple locations in Google Organic Search, Google Seller Ratings, Google Adwords, Google Product Listing Ads, and Google Shopping - thanks to their strategic Google partnership.

Having your star ratings and reviews show up everywhere potential customers are looking online, gives you more visibility, along with instant social proof and credibility, which significantly increases your click-through rate (CTR), and helps to establish a relationship of trust even before a visitor lands on your website.

Then, once they’re on your site, that credibility continues with product ratings and reviews strategically displayed next to your products - further establishing that relationship of trust, which ultimately leads to more sales.

How does Trust Guard compliment Shopper Approved?

By adding Trust Guard ‘SECURED’ seals in strategic locations on your checkout pages, customers can see that their information is safe and protected, which gives them the additional peace of mind necessary to enter their credit card and other personal information and complete their order.

By combining the social proof and visibility benefits of Shopper Approved, with the security and peace of mind of Trust Guard, you create the ideal environment for a customer to buy with absolute confidence.

Are there any cost savings if I bundle Shopper Approved and Trust Guard together?

Yes! Because both companies are owned by Trust Brands, when you buy either Shopper Approved or Trust Guard, you qualify for a deep discount off the other service.

We also provide free onboarding and integration services to help you to get up and running as quickly and easily as possible, so you can start seeing an ROI right away.

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