TRUSTe™ or Trust Guard that is the question! Or is it?

Both companies provide privacy policies and privacy seals to legitimate and trustworthy web sites that pass rigorous privacy policy reviews. This is important because a recent UCLA study found that four out of five Internet users said that being able to trust the information on a site is very important in their ultimate decision to visit or make a purchase on a site.

Establishing Credibility with Privacy Seals

Establishing web credibility is vital to the success of an Internet business, and one of the easiest ways to do that is by having a great privacy policy and by having a third party, like Truste or Trust Guard, verify that fact with a privacy seal. Proving to your visitors that your site can be trusted with their vital and private information. Privacy seals reassure your visitors and customers that their data is protected and that making a purchase with your company will be a positive and safe experience.

TRUSTe™ offers high-end privacy verification for larger corporate websites. Their pricing ranges from $499 to $14,000* a year depending on your company's gross yearly sales.

Trust Guard offers privacy verification and seals for both high-end larger corporations and small ecomerce websites for only $297 a year. And, it only takes a few minutes to set up and get going, something Truste™ can't say.

As you can see, the added web credibility that comes with privacy seals doesn't have to come at such a high price. For all business owners and online merchants, Trust Guard offers reliable and effective third party verification at a fraction of the cost. Adding Trust Guard seals to your web site can not only increase web credibility, but also boost your sales and web site conversion, something we back with a terrific guarantee.

A fast and effective way to validate your trustworthiness is by utilizing third party web site verification and showcasing privacy seals on the pages of your site. Trust Guard's privacy seals are a powerful alternative to TRUSTe™, and our seals can increase your conversion rate, expand your bottom line and save you money each year.

* Truste™ price based on starter package, up to 3,000 seal views /mo 1 website url. Prices shown were current at time of printing, however, it is always best to confirm before making a final decision.

Let Trust Guard help your business establish itself as trustworthy and legitimate so you can make more sales without any additional stress. We’ll give you one less thing to worry about.

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