Privacy Safe by Trust Guard vs Truste

The features speak for themselves.

  Privacy Policy
  Privacy Trust Seal
  Privacy Verification
  Seals tested to get higher conversions
  Priced for small to large companies
  Private dispute resolution services
Reduces bounce rate


  Privacy Policy
  Privacy Trust Seal
  Privacy Verification
  Seals not tested for ROI
  Priced only for large companies
  Outsourced dispute resolution

Privacy Verification You Can Trust

Show your customers that you value and protect their privacy.

Trust Guard's Privacy Safe service is the fastest, most effective way to let your customers know that you care about their privacy & will protect it. Here's How...

  • Privacy Verification

    First, we verify your privacy policy, privacy practice & standards to ensure you have the best privacy protocols in place to meet the current requirements.

  • Resolve your Issues Discreetly

    Second, we give your customers a way to resolve problems through our private issue resolution system.

  • Privacy Safe Trust Seal

    Finally, the Privacy Safe Seal helps to resolve your visitors' privacy concerns when they are asked for information.

Privacy Seals

All the major Privacy laws and initiatives
verified with one seal.

Here is how it works.

Website Security icon step1

Your website's privacy
protocols are verified
by Trust Guard

Privacy Seals Website Security icon step2

Get our instantly
recognized Privacy
Safe trust seal.

Website Security icon step3

Place the Privacy Safe seal on or near your
opt-in form.

Website Security icon step4

Instantly build
visitor trust & get
more opt-ins!

Website Security guarantee seal

Increases Opt-ins by 16.51%

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