What Is A Vulnerability Scan?

A vulnerability scan is conducted for a number of reasons. In eCommerce, the most common reasons to perform a vulnerability scan is to achieve PCI Compliance or to get a Security seal. A vulnerability scan is an automated process used to find security holes in computer networks in order to determine if a system can be exploited. While servers are important for communication and data transfer over the internet, they open the door to potential security breaches by hackers who steal sensitive information to sell for profit (often in the black market, similar to what happened with the Target Security Breach in 2013).

Vulnerability scanning uses software that finds security flaws using a database of known flaws. If a flaw is located it will be documented and the organization can then tighten their website security before a hacker finds it.

What Does A Vulnerability Scan Have To Do With PCI compliance?

If you’re a merchant selling things online then chances are you’re required to become PCI Compliant. The first step of scanning to PCI compliance is conducting a vulnerability scan to ensure that your website security is up to par with PCI Standards.

What Can I Expect If I Sign Up To Perform a Vulnerability Scan for PCI Compliance?

As soon as you sign up for our vulnerability scanning service, you get an email with access to your Member Control Panel, where you start the verification process. One of the verification options in your control panel allows you to add your websites domain or IP address (along with additional IP addresses applicable to your website) into the system and start the scanning process. As soon as the scans are complete, you will be able to review the reports and see if there are any critical vulnerabilities that need to be resolved by you, your host, or your shopping cart provider. There is also direct access in your control panel to the SAQ (Self-Assessment Questionnaire), along with helpful instructions that simplify the process so that you can complete the questionnaire as quickly and accurately as possible. As soon as your scans pass and your SAQ is complete, you simply forward them on to your acquirer. The process is straight-forward and user-friendly.

What makes Trust Guard’s Vulnerability Scan Different?

Our price is almost half of our competitors, which makes it much more affordable for small businesses. Also, since we're the leading third-party website verification service online, we're the only company that offers both the PCI Security Scanned seal and Security Verified seal options, which means that if for some reason your website doesn't pass the more stringent PCI Security Scanned seal requirements, your site will still qualify for our Security Verified seal which will automatically display until your site passes the necessary PCI requirements and the PCI Security Scanned seal goes live. This is important because customers are more educated now than ever and they know to look for a security scanned seal when they’re shopping online. This product allows you to fix vulnerabilities without losing your customers hard-earned trust.

You've got enough to think about, so let us get things going for you! We'll increase your sales, protect your site, and increase prospective clients trust in your business so you can finally relax and enjoy your success. Cheers to winning!

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