What Is A Vulnerability Scanner And Why Should You Care About It?

A vulnerability scanner is a computer program designed to seek out and detect security holes in computers, websites, applications and networks. By checking these target systems against a database of known vulnerabilities, scanners can detect holes in a system. A vulnerability scanner is essentially used to conduct network reconnaissance, and can be carried out by a remote hacker attempting to gain information or access to a network, usually with the intention of stealing credit card data or other sensitive information. Basically, a vulnerability scanner locates and tries to exploit each vulnerability that is discovered. If hackers find a weak point they can go in an exploit it for profit, or bragging rights, or whatever it is that they’re into.

The only way to prevent a security breach from happening to your business is to find any vulnerabilities before hackers do. A vulnerability scanner can be used to beat hackers at their own game with something that is sometimes called “ethical hacking” or “network penetration testing.” Basically, while hackers sit around in their mom’s living-room guzzling Mountain Dew, trying to get into your website, an ethical hacker, dressed in a black suit in a fancy, underground office, is doing the same. Except when the super-cool ethical hacker finds a security hole they inform the business so they can fix it. A regular hacker just steals the information and then takes his/her partner that they probably met on Craigslist out for a night on the town.

Whether you are planning the launch of a new eCommerce site or have been in the game for several years, security is probably high on your list of priorities. With relentless attacks by hackers on the rise, the ability to squash lurking security threats is important to avoid heavy fines and save your reputation. A vulnerability scanner, like Trust Guard, can play a vital role in preventing any attacks from happening by finding the security holes before a hacker does.

Resolving Vulnerabilities Can Help Prevent Security Breach

If left unresolved, a vulnerability can lead to identity theft, fraud, and in the end a damaged reputation and even bankruptcy.

A vulnerability scanner finds security flaws before a hacker can exploit them. It’s an important line of defense to protect your customers and your site from attacks. Vulnerability scanning is no longer an option, now it’s a necessity. Most customers are educated enough to look for evidence of scanning when they arrive to a new website. After so many security breaches consumers are more educated than ever. They know that if a site is scanned for vulnerabilities their secure information is safer.

Vulnerability Scanning Boosts Your Business

Obviously you’re in business to make money so maybe you’re wondering whether or not the cost of scanning is worth it. Studies show that the cost of scanning definitely pays for itself. As an experienced business owner, you know that if you take care of your customers, you’re taken care of in return. This goes especially for vulnerability scanning and website security. It’s a harsh reality, but a site that suffers a security breach doesn’t often make a full recovery from the bad publicity, mistrust, and often fines. Many companies go bankrupt. New customers expect to see as much proof of security as possible on a site before they consider making a purchase. Vulnerability scanning directly influences purchasing decisions thus increasing sales and revenue.

Have your site scanned via vulnerability scanner regularly and secure your website today, and remember secure sites make more sales by displaying the Trust Guard Security Scanned seal!.

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