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Acunetix vs. Trust Guard's Security Scanned

Security Scanning and Trust Seals
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Acunetix Vulnerability Scanner vs Trust Guard

Acunetix™ Vulnerability Scanner

Acunetix™ and Security Scanned by Trust Guard® both have a similar purpose: To protect sensitive data from hackers by scanning websites for security holes. However, their methods, usability, and price are very different.

Trust Guard provides top-of-the-line PCI Scanning. They combine this service with their innovative website verification process to create additional security options. By verifying the businesses physical address, phone number, and support email, Security Scanned by Trust Guard ensures that companies are accurately portraying themselves to the buying public. The additional service increases consumers trust which generates sales. As part of both the PCI Scanning, and the business verification process, Trust Guard provides Security Scanned Trust Seals for visible proof that a website has been checked, and verified. Acunetix™, offers web vulnerability scanning, but doesn't provide seals.

Another important difference between Acunetix™ and Trust Guard® is product usability. Acunetix™ is a complex do-it-yourself tool that requires technical knowledge to use, instead of a service. Trust Guard's service is suited for both large, and small business' because unlike Acunetix, Trust Guard does the scanning for you, giving you a powerful yet pain-free security solution.

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Acunetix™ vs Trust Guard®

Acunetix's Vulnerability Scanning comes in five editions starting at $1,445.00 dollars plus $375 for upgrades, email and phone support. Security Scanned by Trust Guard offers one of the best values in the industry, starting at $17/mo which includes scans and support.

Trust Guard provides PCI Compliant Scanning combined with their innovative website verification process to create additional security options. By focusing primarily on business that process 20,000 or less transactions a year, Trust Guard is able to reduce their overall costs, saving you a significant amount over Acunetix.

Acunetix™ is a great product, but complex, expensive, and requires merchants to do the scanning work. Security Scanned by Trust Guard is every bit as effective for a PCI Scanning solution, plus, Security Scanned Trust Seals from Trust Guard are a major contributor in building credibility and establishing customer's trust on a website. The result is more sales, lower costs, and an optimal security solution.

Acunetix™ vulnerability scanner can't compare in price or ease of use, get Security Scanned by Trust Guard today! Our PCI Scanning Process

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