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This is where we're supposed to drive home the point about how truly amazing we are; why we're better than everyone else, right? It's tempting. And there are a lot of braggy reasons why you should choose Trust Guard. We have over a decade of experience, our Trust Seal increases sales by 18% so after you use us you'll practically explode with money; not to mention that our business is so ninja-cool that we are able to back it up with a (DOUBLE) your-money-back-guarantee. On top of making you more money at absolutely no risk, we also keep your site secure so you don't have to suffer a security breach, fines, bankruptcy, lose your house, and catch your partner sneaking off to Bermuda with your favorite lamp. We could brag about how insanely successful we are. How our CEO practically arrives to work in a Wonder Woman jet that's invisible and designed by NASA. Although, I don't think that's what you want to hear. What's important is that we love our customers. We've built a company on the foundation of trust and genuine relationships. And even though we have thousands of clients, we've kept a small-business mentality where business is just about people. Our company culture is built on awesome, high-fives, and the idea that we're all in this together.

At Trust Guard, we're in the business of people, keeping those people secure and their businesses safe. Not so much a people person? That's cool, too. Check out our facts and stats below:


Our scanning services protect your store 24/7 from security breach. Our service keeps your business safe from theft, exploitation, and protects your reputation. Other than the ability to fly, what more could you want?
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Company Reputation

Our company has helped thousands of online businesses. We offer a double-your-money-back guarantee because we're that good. We're like eCommerce wizards.
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Split Testing

Split-Testing: Every company claims to be amazing but we can actually prove it. We've conducted dozens of A/B split-tests that show how our seals convert better against no seals and our competition. Winning!
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Increase Sales

Increase Sales: Once your website has passed our scan, we'll give you our Trust Seal to display on your website. Our Trust Seal shines like a staggering beacon of awesome as it builds trust and increases sales.
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Why choose us? Because we care about your success and know that our service will meet your expectations guaranteed!

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