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Trust Guard helps satisfy your customer's
security, privacy, and business identity
concerns in a way that no one else can,
so you make more sales! Guaranteed!


Trust Guard PCI Scanning helps to protect
your site from external attacks, so you can
sleep at night knowing your data is safe.


• We scan for more vulnerabilities than the competition!
• We offer the best guarantee in the industry!
• Our seals convert better!
• Our prices are lower!

What Does Trust Guard Offer

To help you in your decision making process, we've put together what we call the Trust Guard Total Offer below.

This page highlights all of the features and benefits that you get when you choose Trust Guard.

Products and Services

Security Product Options

Security is the #1 concern that your customers have when visiting your website, which is why we offer a couple of different security seals based on your particular needs.

PCI Security Scanned Seals

Security Verified Seal
The Trust Guard PCI Security Scanned Seals are the first line of defense in protecting you and your customers from hackers and attacks, by actively scanning your website for over 75,610 known vulnerabilities every day (during off peak hours). In addition, we also combine this product with our industry leading 3rd party website verification service for additional credibility.

Our Security Scanned Seals are available in three scanning intervals:
  • Daily Scanning - 365 days of protection (shown)
  • Weekly Scanning - 52 Scans per year
  • Quarterly Scanning - 4 Scans per year
  • Includes Bonus Fail Over Security Seal
Along with the Security Scanned seal, the service also includes SAQ (Self-Assessment Questionnaire) forms, which together with our AVS certified PCI Scanning gives you the ability to qualify for PCI DSS Compliance with your bank or acquirer. (To learn more about PCI Scanning and PCI DSS Compliance, click here.) Buy Now!

Security Verified Seal (For those who do Not want PCI scanning.)

Security Verified Seal
Security Verified Seal - Our Security Verified Seal verifies the security of your website as it pertains to your SSL certificate and customer security. To become Security Verified, we verify your SSL certificate provider, monitor your certificates expiration date, and test your shopping cart pages to ensure that they're secure. Only $29/mo!

Note: Security Verified does NOT include PCI Scanning or certification.

Privacy Verification

Once you've addressed security, easing your customer's privacy concerns is the next essential step to building a relationship of trust.

Security Verified Seal
The Trust Guard Privacy Verified Seal encompasses the latest in privacy standards, which include:
  • Privacy Policy Verification Services
  • Privacy Dispute Resolution Services
  • Privacy Verified Trust Seal
  • Bonus Privacy Policy Generator
When combined, these services become a powerful message to your visitors as well as your existing clients. They will know without a doubt that the protection of their private information is your priority. Only $29/mo!

Business Verification

In a recent Consumer Reports survey, 95% of the people surveyed said that they wanted access to a website's business email address, street address and phone number.

Security Verified Seal
The Trust Guard Business Verified Seal is the fastest, most effective way to let your customers know that you are who you say you are. By displaying the Business Verified seal, your customers instantly know that your business information has been verified by Trust Guard. If the customer wants to find out how to contact you, they can either drag their mouse over the seal for instant confirmation, or they can click on the seal for a more detailed description of the verification process.

Our service doesn't stop there. As part of our Business Verification service, we also include professional, private dispute resolution, which gives your customers a great way to resolve any special problems or unique issues with peace of mind in knowing that we're there to help both parties come to a satisfactory resolution. Our dispute resolution service is very effective, and has saved many of our clients from harmful public complaints. Which means that it will not be publicly posted by Trust Guard, thus helping to preserve your online reputation.Only $29/mo!

 Trust Guard services
Quality and Innovation
Here at Trust Guard, we're constantly taking trust to new levels. As leaders in the security, privacy, and business identity industries, we're continually innovating and testing in an effort to further improve the quality of our products and services. Here are a couple of examples:

• Custom Seals. Our custom seals give you the ability to add your domain name to your Trust Guard seals on your website. This provides two important benefits. First, it adds more authentication to the seals, and second, it makes it virtually impossible for anyone to duplicate or steal our seals and add them to non-verified sites, which protects the integrity of our brand and adds more value to your website.

• PCI Scanning Services. Trust Guard's PCI Scanning service and Scanned Seals go hand in hand with our Privacy and Business Verified seals, adding a whole new dimension to your website's security. We are really excited to be able to offer you and your customers such an incredibly valuable service, and have done our very best to make it user-friendly and affordable for every business owner.
Availability and Activation
With our unique, automated system, you can buy Trust Guard products and services 24 hours a day. As soon as you place an order, you get instant access to your member control panel to begin the verification process. Depending on how fast you complete the verification process, turn around time can take as little as 1 business day, even if you're overseas.
Customer Service and Support
If you ever need to get a hold of us for any reason, we offer email, live chat, and toll-free phone support 5 days a week. We also have tech support ready to help you with any PCI or verification needs that you may have. Want more? How about informative help videos and step-by-step tutorials on every page to help you through the entire verification process. (If you need to get a hold of us, Click Here.)
Rock Solid Guarantee
With thousands of loyal customers using our services, we know that adding Trust Guard seals to your website will increase your sales, which is why we back our services with a 60 day, Double your Money Back Guarantee on all of our multi-seal packages - the best guarantee in the industry. For more info about our guarantee's click here.
Valuable Bonuses
In addition to the 'Products and Services' mentioned above, we also provide additional products and services that add long-term value for you and your customers. Some of these items are sold as stand alone products, however, when you buy any of our multi-seal packages, you get them for free. Depending on which product or service you buy, here are some of the great bonuses you receive when buying Trust Guard:

Fail Over Security Verified Seal (a $97 value - Security Scanned Seal Bonus) The PCI Security Scanned seal comes with a special backup feature unique to Trust Guard. The system will automatically display the Security Verified seal as a proxy, if for some reason your scan fails. Then when the vulnerability is repaired and the scan passes, the Security Scanned seal will reappear. This feature allows you to always display a security seal, based on the current security verification level you qualify for.

Professional Privacy Policy Generator (a $97 value - Privacy Verified Seal Bonus) What really sets us apart in the privacy industry is our innovative, user-friendly Professional Privacy Policy Generator, which takes all the hard work out of the privacy compliance process, and turns it into an incredibly simple 10-15 minute questionnaire that instantly generates a professional, easy-to-read policy, encompassing the standards of all of the latest privacy initiatives including:
  • Federal Trade Commission Fair Information Practices
  • California Online Privacy Policy Act
  • The CAN-SPAM Act
  • Children's Online Privacy Policy Act (COPPA),
  • Google Adsense
    and more...
If for some reason you don't meet the standards of one or more of the initiatives, the policy generator will inform you of any additional steps needed to comply. Once you're ready to publish your policy and we've reviewed it, you have the unique ability to upload it to your site or to have us host your policy for you for free. If you have an existing policy and want to update it in order to comply with the latest privacy initiatives, or you want to have it verified by Trust Guard in order to display the Privacy Verified seal on your site, we offer that service as well.

Video Security Seal (a $247/yr. value - Multi-Seal Package Bonus.) If you really want to make your security status stand out on your website, this is the way to do it in style. Thanks to the wonders of streaming transparent video, the Video Security Seal is actually able to convey a message of trust and confidence to your client in a way that no other media can. This seal is available as a stand alone product or included as a free bonus if you buy any multi-seal package.

Certified By Trust Guard Seal (a $297/yr value - Multi-Seal Package Bonus.) This bonus seal acts as an aggregate of all our combined services. In order for this seal to become active your Security, Business and Privacy must be verified. The "Certified By" seal is a welcome addition to any website.

Status and Reputation
By adding Trust Guard seals to your website, you're able to leverage the reputation and goodwill associated with the Trust Guard brand, adding instant credibility to your website. In addition, placing the Trust Guard seals on your website sets you apart from your competition, giving you the advantage while building a reputation of trust and confidence with your customers.
Membership Privileges
As a member of Trust Guard, you get a lot of great benefits to help you get the most out of your membership while saving you money, including:

Addional site discounts are available on all additional seals after your initial order, for a limited time. This even includes our PCI Scanning services! This really comes in handy if you have multiple websites or ever want to upgrade your plan.

Lifetime price lock, so the price you pay when you sign up never increases.

Price Leader
Before you decide to buy Security, Privacy, or Business seals from any other company, consider this...

For PCI Compliant Scanning, Trust Guard is the premium alternative to McAfee Secure, offering great scanning services and seals for less, without locking you into a costly contract.

For Privacy Policy Compliance and Verification, Trust Guard is the premium alternative to Truste and is the #2 privacy seal program online.

For Business Verification, Trust Guard is the premium alternative to BBBOnline and is the only company that offers private dispute resolution.

In fact, we are the only company in the world that offers all three services together in one place, and the best part is that there are no setup fees, no contracts, and we offer affordable, flexible payment options - all for a fraction of the price that you would pay if you bought these services individually from our competition. In fact, if you were to buy all 3 of our competitors seals, you would be paying $2,900/yr. or more depending on your website's traffic and your companies income level. Compare that to Trust Guard's Multi-Seal Package with Daily PCI Scanning (including all of the valuable bonuses and our guarantee) for just $147/mo. or $1597/yr., and your choice becomes clear. By switching to Trust Guard, you save over $1,200 a year!

We hope that this information has helped you to make a more educated decision when considering your trust seal options, and we look forward to helping you improve your online trust and credibility, and increasing your online sales.

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