Our Affiliate Program

Make 20% per sale just by telling people about us!

With our generous affiliate program, we will pay you 20% for every sale that you refer. (Commissions range from about $40 to $200, and our current average commission is $140 per order. ) You can also make an additional commission on people you refer that also sign up as affiliates up to 2 levels deep. With a variety of high quality banners available, and the ability to create your own text links, you have a number of tools to help you succeed.

Our current affiliates average a 2% or better conversion rate, with a $100+ CPM, which works out to over $1 per click!

Once you sign up, you will receive your own unique URL which will automatically track all of the people that click on your links, and all of the sales you generate. In addition, once a visitor clicks on your affiliate link, if they make a purchase anytime within an entire year, you still make a commission.

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Website Restrictions

Trust Guard does NOT accept the following types of sites, or sites with the following types of content:

  • Adult themed websites (porn, lewdness, adult themed ad's, lingerie, images, humor or products)
  • Cheap pharmaceuticals (cheap drugs, male/female enhancement)
  • Recreational drugs (spice or chemically enhanced incense, bath salts & other illegal substances)
  • Gambling, high yield or high risk investments, MLM member sites, hate, spam, link farms, etc.
  • Get rich quick websites, Ponzi Schemes, Websites that promote unethical practices.
Trust Guard® is the sole judge of if a website is approved or rejected.

(For additional terms like payout minimums & commission levels, please refer to our Terms of Use.)