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You worked really hard to get your developer accounts accepted by the app stores. Don't lose them now!

Here's the cold, hard truth: If the website that is hosting your privacy policy gets hacked or blacklisted (which happens all the time to unprotected sites), the app stores will suspend your app licenses and your developer accounts could be terminated!

To help prevent this from happening, we have made a special deal just for you with the leader in website security.

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Trust Guard will monitor your site, safe-guarding it from hackers. They will help to make sure that your developer accounts don't get terminated.

For a limited time, you can protect your website at a huge 40% discount. You will receive malware & vulnerability scanning that is 100% PCI compliant (used by the major credit card companies).

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App Developer Accounts!

FPP Squeeze - Quarterly Scanning Includes Report - $9/month Security Monitoring
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  Protect your website from hackers
  Keep your Developer Accounts safe
  Receive reports that explain security issues

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If your website goes down and people can't access the privacy policy that is connected to your apps, you will be in violation of Apple & Google's App Developer agreements. This will lead to the suspension of your apps and, if left unresolved, to the termination of your developer accounts.

Don't Get Hacked!
Keep the app developer accounts
that you've worked so hard to get!

If your developer accounts were terminated you would:

  Waste a lot of money creating new app developer accounts & websites
  Get sued by clients if their personal information gets stolen
  Ruin your good reputation in the app industry
Trust Guard will monitor your website, looking for malware & for more than 75,613 vulnerabilities to help you keep your privacy policy and your developer accounts safe.

Save 40% off the regular price of scanning - for life!

FPP Squeeze - Quarterly Scanning Includes Report - $9/month Security Monitoring
FPP Squeeze - $33/month Monitoring with Trust Seal
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