Before Your Personal Information is Stolen or Your Website Gets Hacked!
Make Online Security a Priority Today!

Recently we were featured on an episode of Living In Style to educate shoppers about ways to protect themselves from hackers. An increasing concern with hacking on the rise and billions being spent annually online! The episode also covered how business owners can improve their sales by taking proper security measures for a smart, and super easy financial boost. The video covers all of these important points and more:

  • Hacking is on the rise! Millions of dollars are lost every year to hackers who use vulnerabilities to sneak into websites or POS Terminals.

  • Can you afford the cost of having your website hacked? Lawsuits, fines, and a destroyed reputation are all consequences of a security breach.

  • There is over an 80% chance that your website is vulnerable to attacks right now! Like a ninja, we now scan for over 75,613 vulnerabilities!

  • You've worked hard to build your business! Don't let hackers rob you of all of your hard work. Get scanned Starting Today!

  • Show potential customers that your site is safe with Trust Guard's Security Scanned seals.

  • Our seals build Trust and Confidence, and Increase Sales!

Protect your website today with Security Scanned by Trust Guard!

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