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The Trust Guard Story

Trust Guard started in 2006, helping companies Build Trust and Make More Sales. Our founders Dave
and Scott Brandley have worked hard to help make the world a little bit more trust worthy, through Third Party
Verification and later through website Security Scanning. But most of all, we couldn’t have done it without all the
amazing businesses and people that have helped us grow over this last decade. For that we owe you all a huge
thanks, and hope that you keep pushing us to be the best we can be.

Here’s our story
join us as we write the next chapter!

Trust Guard Creates New Backend

Keeping up with the needs of our clients, a new backend was designed, created, and tested inhouse.

The PH Team!

The Philippines programming team was organized to meet Trust Guards growth needs. They work diligently and effectively on all their projects. We wouldn’t be where we are today without them.

Luke Brandley - Chief Marketing Officer

Luke Brandley joins the team as the CMO and opens our GMS Payson office to sell Trust Guard. He and his team are diligent and good-natured.

Aaron Brandley - Director of Social Media

Aaron Brandley signs on to help make our presence known on social media. His quick wit and writing prowess have made our presence known.

James Wales - In House Designer.

His work ethic and ability to crank things out at breakneck speed make him a huge asset to the team.

Joy Boothe - Marketing Consultant.

Her understanding of people and computer
systems made her a perfect fit.

Site Redesign correlates with the new seals

Trust Guard gets a serious redesign moving away from the familiar side bar. The backend control panel also gets rebuilt from the ground up.

Shayne Murphy - First Impression Specialist!

Master of serving our clients with efficiency and style. Dedication or Punctuality could be his middle name, but he won't tell us which it is.

Cresta - Joins the Team!

Cresta Phillsbury formerly of Hacker Safe(before it was purchased by McAfee), joins the Trust Guard team as their CMO. She is quick to help push Trust Guard to a whole new level.

2011 - The "Candy" Colored Redesigned

As design elements and trends were changing in the world, Trust Guard dabbled in a more simple and colorful design to help draw the eye to important information.

World Teacher Aid

Chrome Seal is added to the line up

With the intent of trying to bring more attention to our Seals, Eric prpose a bold style coined "chrome", complete with a new certificate with built-in security features.

2009 - Security Scanned is Launched

Just as the PCI Compliance starts to become mandatory across the board, Trust Guard launches the new Security Scanned Trust Seal and Certification Services.

2008 - Clone Systems Partership

Trust Guard partners with Clone Systems, an Approved Scanning Vendor, to bring PCI Certification Services and Scanning to our clientel.

New "Contemporary" Seal

Scott has an idea for a new seal design tried to hire the job out to freelancers without success. Eric rose to the challenge and the new "Contemporary" Seals were born.

Cherice Barfuss - Aug 2018

Hired to work from home on a variety of projects doing a little bit of everything starting with SEO and now with the Social Media Marketing and a lot of different things in between.

The "Classic" Seal is Made

Duke overhauls the Seals before embarking on his 2 year mission, leaving Trust Guard design in the hands of Dave and Scott. The seal type has been nick-named "Classic" over the years.

August 1st 2006 - Trust Guard is Launched

Dave and Scott launch Trust Guard a 3rd party Verification services, in an attempt to meet demand for more cost effective trust seals.

Stompernet Breaks Records

Dave and Scott build a program which is included in Stompernets line up of search engine optimization tools. Stompernet generated over 18 million dollars in gross sales within 24 hours of its launch!

1997 - Scott joins the Team

Scott Brandley, Dave's oldest son, begins helping with the online sales, graphics and fulfillment required for running a successful online store.

Trust Guard New Backend Beta Launch!

After testing the enw backend inhouse, it was finally ready for a beta launch.

Trust Guard @
10 Years of Service!

Ten years of serving the online community! Wow how time flies. It’s been a great ride, so lets keep on riding!

The Payson Team!

Time to add a second sales team. With ever increasing online businesses popping up everyday, they need for security is growing equally as fast.

4xBuyerProtection Product Launch!

Added another amazing service, this time to protect our clients' customers. Which again increases our clients' sales conversions. Go Trust Guard!.

A complete Overhaul of everything!

Trust Guard gets a complete do-over adding the now-invaluable Solution Center, 2 new informative blogs and massive value to our products.

The Orlando Office Opens

Cresta opens and actively runs the Orlando office/call center, which proves to be wildly successful and probably a little humid. :)

2013 - Trade Shows, Expos and Summits!

With new vigor, Cresta leads the way to first person marketing, bringing Trust Guard to businesses equipped with mad knowledge and a smile.

New Dynamic Rotating Seals

With the demand of a cleaner, simpler seal, Eric designs a new and improved version. With the project under Cresta’s supervision. the new seals turn out to be a hit with fortune 500 Companies.


2012 - We Crush McAfee Again!

In a second massive test with over 870,100 visitors, Trust Guard's Security Scanned seal beat No Seals by 4.25% with a 99.9% confidence rate and beat the McAfee Secure seal by 3.69 times.

2011 - Elisha Davis

Feb 2011 Brought on another amazing customer service team member. Elisha fit the bill and over delivered. Efficient and to the point makes working with her a breath of fresh air.


We Crush McAfee in Spit Test!

Based on a split test with over 200,000 visitors, the Trust Guard Chrome seal increased sales over no sales by 3.98% with a 98% confidence interval. McAfee Secure only converted at 1.47%.

Trust Guard gets Redesigned

Working together on the design, Eric and Duke build an updated look for the rapidly growing Trust Guard.

250,000 Customer Split Test

Trust Guard is given free reign to test multiple seals and styles on this opt-in giants website. The results showed that they improved Conversions by 16.51% with just one seal! Sweet!

Skybound Case Study

Paul Young of skybound.ca, is simply amazed at how adding a Trust Guard seal to his website increased his conversion rate by 59.61%! So much so, that he agreed to be interviewed.

Josilyn Barfuss - Aug 2018

Hired to work from home on a variety of projects over the years like: writing articles, spinning articles, blogging, videos, social media stuff, and whatever anyone asks!

Trust Guard Gets a New Designer

Eric Brandley, Dave's youngest son, joins the team as Trust Guards newest designer, and to help with business matters.

Take the Trust Guard Challenge!

The tag line 'increase your conversion rate by 15% or double your money back! Guaranteed!' Dramatically increases the number of users.

First A/B Split Test results!

"Adding all for Trust Guard Seals, each in a different color, outperformed all other Taguchi test combinations by 23%!"
- John Owen, NITMIX Lice treatment

Aubrey Barker

In 2006 Aubrey Barker joined the team as a programmer. His mad programming skills combined with his diligence and optimism has helped Trust Guard to become what it is today!

Zachary West

Zach West joined the team in 2005 as our lead programmer. Harnessing his keen intellect, creative abilities and can do attitude. Trust Guard was born.

2004 - Selling the Business

Dave & Scott sell their growing business, and begin dabbling in Online Marketing, Link Building, Search Engine Optimization and Software Development.

1996 - Dave Starts Selling Online

After working for years as a computer tech for one of the largest irrigation companies in Alberta, Canada. Dave Brandley begins selling merchandise i.e. T-shirts, Rings and Posters online.

Our "RICH-spirited" philosophy

Our business model is based on the strong foundation of a
rich-spirited philosophy that centers around your business needs


We blaze new trails by implementing new solutions when old solutions simply will not suffice. Our ability to always meet new demands has made us a leader in our industry. It's the reason our products and services are used by the best of the best.

Like MacGyver,
give us an elastic band, a paper clip and some
diesel fuel and we’ll find a way to get it done.
We may also try to incorporate the mullet.


We take pride in our business and will always stand by our word. You can relax knowing that we will always come through for you.

The Handshake ~
The right way to do business
as far as we’re concerned.


Einstein said "Creativity is more powerful than knowledge." At the pace in which our world is changing, creativity is a necessary component to stay ahead. That's why it's an integral part of our business model, because creativity fuels ingenuity, better products and services.

Higher Consciousness ~
you cannot solve a problem
with the same level of consciousness
that created it. - Einstein


At the end of the day businesses are made up of people. We want to be a part of your personal success. When our clients lives are made better or easier by our products, it makes all the difference in the world.

We’ve Got Heart! ~
Because at Trust Guard we
care about your success.

Meet Our Team

Greetings and Salutations!

"A company's employees are its greatest asset and your people are your product."
-Richard Branson

Dave Brandley

Co-founder, eCommerce & website security expert, PCI Compliance ninja, father, innovator, lover of fun & all things internet. Loves traveling. Favorite destination? The Philippines.

Scott Brandley

Co-founder, father, son, security pro, lover of baking, shaking, and security making.

Todd Brandley
Marketing / Partnerships

Father, husband, son, soldier, medic, lover of the outdoors, wife, family and work. Loves helping business’ reach their maximum potential. He’s kind of a big deal (& the nicest guy ever).

Zachary West

Diligent and analytical, Zach powers through the most daunting of codes with ease. Also an avid runner, hopes to run in the Boston Marathon next year.

Aubrey Barker

Don’t let his easy going demeanor fool you, Aubrey types code like Mozart plays the piano. He’s also an amazing Father, Husband, Son and Brother.

James Wales
Web Developer/Programmer

Web developer of awesome. Lover of travel, family, spelunking and sunshine. His work ethics have set the standard here and now we all strive to do things the Jay Way!

Joy Boothe
Office Manager

Blogger, wife, writer, lover of social media, the internet, knowledge, etc.

Tiffany Hunt
Tech Support

Loves helping others and figuring out solutions to our customer’s problems. She likes long walks on the beach, security scanning, and unicorns.

Shayne Murphy
Office Assistant & CSR

Father, faithful employee, lover of sports, kids, life, and Twitter. Did we mention he’s super friendly to giant land mammals.

The Florida Sales Team

We’re Glad to Hear from You!

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