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The Trust Guard Story

Trust Guard started in 2006, helping companies Build Trust and Make More Sales. Our founders Dave
and Scott Brandley have worked hard to help make the world a little bit more trust worthy, through Third Party
Verification and later through website Security Scanning. But most of all, we couldn’t have done it without all the
amazing businesses and people that have helped us grow over this last decade. For that we owe you all a huge
thanks, and hope that you keep pushing us to be the best we can be.

Here’s our story
join us as we write the next chapter!

World Teacher Aid



Our "RICH-spirited" philosophy

Our business model is based on the strong foundation of a
rich-spirited philosophy that centers around your business needs


We blaze new trails by implementing new solutions when old solutions simply will not suffice. Our ability to always meet new demands has made us a leader in our industry. It's the reason our products and services are used by the best of the best.

Like MacGyver,
give us an elastic band, a paper clip and some
diesel fuel and we’ll find a way to get it done.
We may also try to incorporate the mullet.


We take pride in our business and will always stand by our word. You can relax knowing that we will always come through for you.

The Handshake ~
The right way to do business
as far as we’re concerned.


Einstein said "Creativity is more powerful than knowledge." At the pace in which our world is changing, creativity is a necessary component to stay ahead. That's why it's an integral part of our business model, because creativity fuels ingenuity, better products and services.

Higher Consciousness ~
you cannot solve a problem
with the same level of consciousness
that created it. - Einstein


At the end of the day businesses are made up of people. We want to be a part of your personal success. When our clients lives are made better or easier by our products, it makes all the difference in the world.

We’ve Got Heart! ~
Because at Trust Guard we
care about your success.

Meet Our Team

Greetings and Salutations!

"A company's employees are its greatest asset and your people are your product."
-Richard Branson

Dave Brandley

Co-founder, eCommerce & website security expert, PCI Compliance ninja, father, innovator, lover of fun & all things internet. Loves traveling. Favorite destination? The Philippines.

Scott Brandley

Co-founder, father, son, security pro, lover of baking, shaking, and security making.

Todd Brandley
Marketing / Partnerships

Father, husband, son, soldier, medic, lover of the outdoors, wife, family and work. Loves helping business’ reach their maximum potential. He’s kind of a big deal (& the nicest guy ever).

Zachary West

Diligent and analytical, Zach powers through the most daunting of codes with ease. Also an avid runner, hopes to run in the Boston Marathon next year.

Aubrey Barker

Don’t let his easy going demeanor fool you, Aubrey types code like Mozart plays the piano. He’s also an amazing Father, Husband, Son and Brother.

James Wales
Web Developer/Programmer

Web developer of awesome. Lover of travel, family, spelunking and sunshine. His work ethics have set the standard here and now we all strive to do things the Jay Way!

Joy Boothe
Office Manager

Blogger, wife, writer, lover of social media, the internet, knowledge, etc.

Tiffany Hunt
Tech Support

Loves helping others and figuring out solutions to our customer’s problems. She likes long walks on the beach, security scanning, and unicorns.

Shayne Murphy
Office Assistant & CSR

Father, faithful employee, lover of sports, kids, life, and Twitter. Did we mention he’s super friendly to giant land mammals.

The Florida Sales Team

We’re Glad to Hear from You!

Do you have a question about our services, a request
regarding your account or just want to say hi? Whatever the reason,
we are here if you need us.

Trust Guard
Corporate Office
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Ogden Utah, 84401

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Toll Free 877-848-2731

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