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Since 2006, thousands of websites have used Trust Guard to help them
Build Trust & Make More Sales. Here are some of our more notable clients...

Trust Guard has been a great product for us and their customer service is excellent! We like the company so much, we recommend them to all our clients. Thank you and keep up the great work Trust Guard!

Charles Mazzini


We've been very impressed with Trust Guard. Their support staff is top notch and the scanning service is comprehensive at a fraction of the cost of a leading competitor that we used in the past. They also don't require a long-term commitment which is a nice benefit.

Wes P.


Getting our website secured with TrustGuard not only provides our customers with safety while browsing but has also increased our conversions on the first day of putting up the seal.

Mack Dudayev


We tested Trust Guard against a leading competitor, as a result partnering with Trust Guard was the clear choice for Fathead. They provide excellent services at extremely competitive pricing.

Jennifer R., CIO


We came to Trust Guard after a disappointing experience with McAfee. McAfee was not only expensive, but didn't offer us much. Trust Guard verified who we were,our Privacy Policy and let people know we can be trusted. If for nothing else Trust Guard gives us a stronger presence than our competition.

Karen Hutchinson

VP and Managing Partner, Bluelips.com

Trust Guards security scanning services are top-notch. The seal is professional and clean and is not an attention hog. Since introducing the Trust Guard seal, our conversion rates have gone up. It's hard to ignore that.

Mckane Davis


Trust Guard enabled me to cut costs and we even enjoyed a lift in conversions!

Alaa H.


We couldn't be happier with our choice to use Trust Guard to fill that requirement. We ran an AB test with Trust Guard against McAfee Secure using a 3rd Party Testing Company, Trust Guard beat McAfee by 11.8% and at a fraction of the cost!

Cathy McManus


Garageflooringllc.com will personally vouch for Trust Guard! Awesome people. Go above and beyond. understatement. McAfee never again!

Justin Krauss


Trust Guard has the competition beat by a mile. It is much more affordable than McAfee, and our customers are 11% more confident about buying, knowing that our site is verified by Trust Guard.

John Holloway


After years of experience with other trust seals, we were tired of seeing the seal used as an advertisement for the issuer. Trust Guard fits the bill perfectly, and is a much better value than any other option we have reviewed.

Joe Brehob


Hi. I am very pleased with the service. Thank you. Unlike some of your competitors, your service is both professional and reliable. During the 18 months that I have been with you, my guess is that your seals have been working at or pretty close to 100% of the time.

Andrzej M Kotas, Chief Executive


I believe Trust Guard ads the visual marker I need to make my visitors feel they are doing business with a valid company. I believe it has helped increase my business from those visiting my site.

Wynn C. Phillips, ISP President


A Place for Mom uses Trust Guard's services because of the integrity of their product. Due to their automated scanning of our websites we can operate at a higher degree of confidence in our offering.

Ted Ellis

Sr. Director of Technology, A Place For Mom

For our Green Card Customers trust is very important and that is why we have decided not only to run our website with a 2048-bit, next generation EV SSL, but also to use Trust Guard as our partner in trust to assure our customers that our site has been security scanned and verified.

Paul Smith

US Green Card Office

Our company was looking for a way to give our customers confidence when they were shopping with us and at the same time a way to increase sales. Trust Guard was the only company we found that could satisfy all of the above requests,increasing our sales by nearly 12%!

Mark Griggs


The increased transactions we're receiving have been tremendous, Trust Guard seals have increased overall conversions by 46.4%. Trust-Guard is a must for ALL e-Commerce sites who's customers demand security and compliance verification.

Dinesh Mistry


Glow Products Corp. has been using web seals from Trust Guard since 2006. Trust Guard increases consumer confidence in the ability to shop in our online store, and has increased online sales by 70%. Their level of customer service is the highest in the industry.

Ray Kyle

Glow Products Corp.

Adding all four Trust Guard Seals, each in a different color, outperformed all other Taguchi test combinations by 23%!

John Owen

NITMIX Lice Treatment

I had been seeing a consistent number of conversions over the course of our first year in business. We added the Trust Guard logos to our site, above the fold where everyone could immediately see them, and our average number of monthly sales went up approximately 30%. Thanks!

Dr. Alan Weidner


Extremely impressed with the increase in conversion rates since displaying the TG seals on our website. We display the seal on our website pages and directly below our final submit button. The cost of the seal is paid for 100 times over with the increase in business we receive each month.

Brian Greenberg


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