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Hackers Beware! We Know What's Up!

If you're aware of the ways that hackers can steal your information, than you will be better prepared to protect yourself and your company. Internet hackers these days are quick and resourceful; they can snatch your information faster than you can say "Ouch." They know whom to target. Therefore, you need to know how not become victims so you can know what hackers see as your vulnerabilities. Here is a short and dirty list of how hackers attack:

  • Phishing is real guys. We've all gotten a ludicrous email asking for a million dollars or maybe even offering you the perfect high paying job. You might be asking if anyone really falls for that. The answer is yes, all the time. Use common sense before responding to any emails.
  • Viruses are no more fun in a human body than they are in a computer. One virus can steal all the information on your computer before you can blink an eye. My biggest advice, don't ever open attachments unless you know they're from a trusted source.
  • Passwords are a given. Have a strong password and you're safe, right? No. Unfortunately, hackers usually don't even bother guessing your password; they bypass it all together. Security software is a must!
  • Downloading anything to your computer needs to be a highly monitored activity. Often, those sneaky hackers attach viruses to various downloads. Double check what you're downloading and make sure it's from a reliable source.
  • Wi-Fi is awesome. It's the standard. We get a little tiffed when we stay at a hotel or visit a Starbucks and they don't have Wi-Fi. Just remember if the wi-fi is open (not password protected) your computer is open. Any hacker can wirelessly lift all your information straight off your computer. This happens at home too! Use secure networks. You'll be thankful that you did!

So there you go. Don't get hacked! Hacking is still a huge risk and everyone is vulnerable. In a recent Google article the author stated, "Most of us think we're too smart to fall for phishing, but our research found some fake websites worked a whopping 45% of the time. On average, people visiting the fake pages submitted their info 14% of the time, and even the most obviously fake sites still managed to deceive 3% of people."

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