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At Trust Guard, we are firm believers in social responsibility. We have been fortunate enough to have a great company that has done fairly well over the years and we want to give back. Education is always an important way to give people a chance and ensure our world has a brighter future. That’s why we’ve joined World Teacher Aid in their effort to build schools in Kenya.

Ever since Scott Brandley did work in Africa years ago, he has wanted to return and do whatever he could to help the continent. Partners Scott Brandley and Dave Brandley were both thrilled to discover the World Teach Aid Organization and they are dedicated to raising as much money for their efforts as possible. Trust Guard, Dave and Scott Brandley, invite their clients to help out in any way they can.

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The World Teacher Aid organization is a Canadian charity, started in 2006 by Stu and Amy McLaren. It's aim is to improve children's education in the developing world. They are building their first school for a community of displaced men, women, and children in Kenya. Due to civil unrest the entire community was uprooted from their homes and relocated to a rural region of Kenya. Before the project the children were walking 5km to school every day.

The new school is being built one classroom at a time as funding allows. Funding is also needed to pay teacher salaries, as well as provide the children with a nutritional lunch. The school will feature eight classrooms, of which four have been built. Trust Guard is hoping to help them reach the $12,000 goal to build the fifth classroom, starting with a $10,500 donation.

While Trust Guard is focusing their efforts to raising money for the school in Kenya, World Teach Aid is working on other projects in Uganda, Ghana, and El Salvador as well where they focus on their four key elements:

  • Funding teacher salaries,

  • Daily feeding programs,

  • Sponsoring students, and

  • School renovation.

These four elements are key. Most teachers move out of rural areas leaving the children there without an education. Food is scarce and malnutrition makes learning difficult and therefore a healthy diet is key to having a success program. Students who are lucky enough to get an education and are successful in school often do not have the money to afford higher education and their only chance is through a sponsor.

Dave and Scott Brandley have made it a point to get to know founder Stu McLaren of World Teacher Aid and for this they can recommend this charity without hesitation.

For more information you can contact either Trust Guard, or World Teacher Aid. Trust Guard is committed to helping these children learn and invite you to do the same if you’re in the position to give, or visit A Good Cause.

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