An Old Scam Is Making a Strong Comeback

Trust Guard Security Blog - Telephone

I don't know a single person that appreciates a random call during dinner, requesting credit card information for a cell phone bill or a late electricity payment. The first response is fear and self-doubt. Wait…did I forget to pay my bill? But, then you quickly check online and are reassured that your concerns are naught. Scammers are bringing this oldie but goodie back, with a twist. Just last week my good friend received a phone call claiming that his computer needed immediate care. It sounded urgent and legit, the telemarketer claimed to be an employee of the Microsoft Research and Development Team and they had identified a potential malware infection and hacking attempt on his home computer! Unfortunately, he logged onto a website to perform the recommended "security check" and download "security software." His information was stolen and 2 credit cards and his debit card incurred charges. You may be asking, "How could anyone fall for that?" The answer is simple, the person on the other end of the phone sounds knowledgeable and you feel like you're in control because you're the one managing your computer. Always contact tech support and don't take the advice of anyone who calls and claims that know something is wrong with your computer! Definitely don't go to any websites or download any software.

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