POS Card Terminal Security Scanning

Are your credit card terminals, or card readers, being scanned on a regular basis? Did you even know that they need to be? Did you know it's a requirement of the major credit card companies? Do you know what can happen if they are not scanned?

They Can Be HACKED!

That's right! If your card terminals are not being scanned, they are a target for hackers. If they have an IP address they can be scanned, or they can become a statistic like all of the Target stores across the nation between November 28 and Dec. 15, 2013. According to Today.com, that massive security breach at Target let hackers steal data from 40 million credit and debit cards. (http://www.today.com/news/questions-answers-about-target-credit-card-hack-2D11780866)

What does it cost to be scanned on a regular basis? $9.00 or less a month.

What's the Cost of NOT being scanned?

  •  Hefty fines by the credit card industries PCI council.
  •  Angry Customers who may never trust you again.
  •  Lawsuits. Yes, shoppers don't like it when someone steals their card data or identity.
  •  Lost time and money. It's expensive to resolve all the issues that come from being hacked.
  •  Loss of your Business. When you add everything up losing your business or being forced into bankrupt is a very real possibility. Can you afford not to get scanned?

What Can You Do, Now?

For Your Protection and Peace of Mind, always have Trust Guard do a PCI compliant scan of your card terminals, or readers, on a regular basis. All we need is your IP Address which you can get from your terminal provider.


Do I need to be PCI compliant? Yes, PCI compliance is required of all merchants, companies or institutions that accept, transmit, or store credit card information for the purpose of commercial transactions, regardless of the size of the company or the number of transactions.

How do I become PCI compliant? Have your POS credit card machine scanned at least once every three months. Then complete an SAQ (Self Assessment Questionnaire) and forward it to your merchant bank or acquirer. Our SAQ wizard walks you through the steps making it quite simple once you get started.

PCI POS Terminal Scan

How can PCI Security Scans protect my POS Terminal and my Company? When we run a PCI scan on your terminal we check for over 75,613 vulnerabilities or security holes. We scan your web applications and networks remotely and non-intrusively based on the IP address you provide us. Our scans look for threats to the operating system, services and utilities used for financial or other sensitive transactions. Our PCI compliant scan is performed with an advanced scanning engine that will generate a detailed report listing any vulnerabilities. Then you can properly resolve the security risks, helping to protect you and your shoppers from Hackers.