Get More Opt-ins From Your Existing Traffic

How It Works

  • We verify your Privacy Policy

    First, we verify your existing privacy policy,or help you build one that has all the components to meet current privacy standards.

  • We Resolve Privacy Disputes Quickly
    Next, we give your customers a way to resolve privacy issues through our private resolution system.

  • We get you More Opt-ins
    Finally, the Privacy Safe Seal helps to resolve your visitors' privacy concerns when they are asked for information.

Case Study

Increases Opt-ins by 16.51%

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Privacy Seals

All the major Privacy laws and initiatives
verified with one seal.

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Privacy Safe

Protect visitor privacy, get more opt-ins

Privacy Seals

Your visitors want to know that their privacy is respected, and kept safe. Privacy Safe by Trust Guard helps you build confidence with your visitors by utilizing an up-to-date Privacy Policy through verification by a trusted third party and Privacy Issue Resolution should any problem arise.

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