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Do shoppers trust you with their privacy?

Protect Consumer Privacy

How embracing confidentiality can boost conversion

Trust Guard's Privacy Safe ensures your visitors that you have their best interests in mind when collecting information. Here's How...

  • Privacy Policy Verification

    First, we confirm and verify your existing privacy policy, making sure that it has all the components to meet our standards.

  • Privacy Dispute Resolution
    Second, we give your customers a way to resolve privacy issues through our private resolution system.

  • Privacy Safe Trust Seal
    Finally, the Privacy Safe Seal helps to resolve your visitors' privacy concerns when they are asked to leave information.
Privacy Seals

All the major Privacy laws and initiatives
verified with one seal.

Keeping Your Website's Privacy Safe

For opt-ins and checkouts alike, it pays to enact privacy measures.

  • In-depth Privacy Policy Verification Services
  • Intuitive Privacy Issue Resolution System
  • Display a Trusted Privacy Safe Seal

  • So, you have one less thing to worry about.

  • Helping you resolve issues quickly and privately

  • Increase Trust and Opt-ins with our highly recognized Privacy Safe Trust Seal

Privacy Safe Representative

Bonus: Professional Privacy Policy Generator ($97 Value!)

With our easy step-by-step Professional Privacy Policy Generator, you simply answer questions about your website's
privacy and security practices, and within minutes, your custom privacy policy will be ready to add to your website!

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Make Sure Your Site is Privacy Safe

Protect consumer privacy, increase your conversion rate!

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Privacy Safe

Protect visitor privacy

Privacy Seals

Your visitors want to know that their privacy is respected, and kept safe. Privacy Safe by Trust Guard helps you build confidence with your visitors by utilizing an up-to-date Privacy Policy through verification by a trusted third party and Privacy Issue Resolution should any problem arise.



  • Privacy Policy Verification Services
  • Intuitive Privacy Issue Resolution
  • Privacy Safe Trust Seal


  • Address Privacy Concerns
  • Embrace Confidentiality
  • Build Trust with your Visitors


  • Get more Opt-ins and Conversions
  • Decrease Cart Abandonment
  • Convert More Browsers into Buyers!


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