Qualys Vulnerability Scanner vs
Trust Guard® Total Website Protection

Qualys Vulnerability Scanner and Trust Guard Total Website Protection are very similar as far as website vulnerability scanning tools are concerned, but there are three main differences between the two services that can help you determine which option is best for your particular business model.

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What are the Similarities between
Qualys and Trust Guard®?

There are two main similarities between the two vulnerability scanning services:
First, both services do External Perimeter Scans, Internal Malware Scans, and SSL scans. These are the 3 most important things you can do to protect your website.

  • External perimeter scanning, also known as PCI Scanning identifies and blocks over 75,000 known doorways into your system, helping to create a hardened shell of protection around your servers.
  • Internal Malware Scanning uses artificial intelligence to look for suspicious or malicious patterns across millions of data points on the internet. It then uses that same technology to scan your files, and if suspicious code suddenly shows up in one of your files, Malware Scanning can detect it, so you can quickly investigate and remove it before any serious problems or issues arise.
  • SSL Validation Scanning checks your existing SSL Certificate to make sure that it is active on your website. Often times, SSL certificates can expire, putting you and your customers at risk. By scanning your SSL, you can be alerted before it expires, or if happens to be removed or inactivated, so you can take appropriate action.
The second similarity between the two services is that both Qualys and Trust Guard provide Security Trust Seals and Certificates that you can add to your website to show your customers that your website is safe for them to buy from. These Trust Seals can be placed in strategic places on your website, including your checkout pages, where they can significantly improve your conversion rate and overall sales.