Security News Roundup for November 14, 2014

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Here's a round-up of the latest cyber security news you need to know from around the web.

U.S. Government Gets Hacked

The U.S. government has blamed Chinese hackers for September attacks on the post office and federal weather system. Officials said they sealed off data concerning disaster relief plans and other sensitive information. Hacker allegedly were able to access the information of 800,000 post office workers, officials said.

iPhone Security Flaw

Think iPhones are virus proof? Think again. Newly-discovered malware can replace your apps with identical versions infested with the virus. As if that's not bad enough, you won't know anything is wrong at the time the malware is installed.

Hackers Access 56 million email addresses in Home Depot Cyber Attack

Hackers behind one of the largest-ever cyber attacks not only stole credit and debit card information in the recent attack, but also got away with those customers' email addresses. Home Depot warned customers to be wary of phishing scams that might show up in their emails.

Inside the Mind of a Notorious Hacktivist

Can you guess how this notorious hacktivist was caught after 10 years? His password was weak.

Fed Employees Responsible for Half of U.S. Government Cyber Attacks

The $10 billion the Feds puts toward cyber security is not enough to protect it from itself: namely, the untrained employees who are responsible for at least half of all cyber attacks on the government according to an analysis by the Associated Press.

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