Security News Roundup for Dec.5, 2014

News you need to know to stay on top of the ever-changing landscape of cyber security

Report says cyberattacks originated inside Iran.

Two cyber security firms have said that Iranian hackers have targeted "critical control systems" and computer networks in more than countries, including the U.S., Canada, India, Mexico, Germany, France, England, China and South Korea.

Some of the attacks hit a major U.S. airline, an automotive manufacturer, a medical university, an energy company that specializes in natural gas production, and others.

Sony Cyber Attack One of Worst in Corporate History.

Unreleased Sony films and thousands of employee's personal data were leaked online in a recent cyber hacking that some are blaming on North Korea. The firm has been criticized for not adequately securing its data since 2011 when a Playstation hacking resulted in thousands of players' information being compromised.

Cyber attacks increase threats to plane safety.

Cyber terrorism in the skies may replace plane hijackings and bombings, experts say. Commercial planes heavily rely on computer systems, and that might make them vulnerable to hackers, according to experts.

Cybersecurity Threats 2015: More Espionage, More Apple Malware

Lots of predictions about cybercrimes and hackings for the coming year that will make you shudder - and maybe think about getting secure if you haven't already.

U.S. urges banks to consider cyber risk insurance amid hacking threats

After the recent hacking at Sony and phishing scam at JP Morgan, banks are suddenly becoming more interested in cyber security, experts say.

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