Sony Cyber Attack, possible HTTP warnings and the worst data breaches of 2014: Security News Roundup 12-19-14

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The Hackers' New Threats Show Just How Unique The Cyberattack On Sony Has Been

The hackers responsible for the Sony cyber attack upped the ante earlier this week by threatening terrorist acts if the studio released a film in which the main characters are CIA agents on a mission to assassinate Kim Jong Un.

U.S. Said to Find North Korea Ordered Cyberattack on Sony

The U.S. debates whether to publicly accuse North Korea as staging the cyber attacks against Sony.

Ex-Sony Employees Sue Studio Over ‘Nightmare’ Data Breach

Ex-Sony employees hoping to represent some 15,000 current and former employees in a lawsuit against the company claim the company had ample warning an attack was imminent, yet did not take adequate measures to prevent it.

Google considers warning internet users about data risks

Google might start warning website visitors that the site they're visiting isn't secure - mainly by flagging sites that use the unsecure protocol HTTP rather than HTTPS, which means data is protected.

A Quick Guide to the Worst Corporate Hack Attacks of 2014

Bloomberg News graphically breaks down the worst cyber attacks of 2014 by number of records stolen, cost and other factors. A must-read.

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