We've rounded up the latest security news from around the globe. Here's what's happening in the world of all things website security.

PlayStation Network Has (Almost) Recovered from Lizard Squad Cyberattack

Sony's Playstation Network was still struggling on Dec. 29 for the fourth day in a row as it gradually restored service to hacked Playstation networks. Playstation was hit with a DDo attack on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Frustrated gamers were kept from playing as the service was flooded. The hacker group Lizard Squad claimed responsibility for the attack, along with a similar attack Christmas Day on Microsoft's Xbox.

Android banking trojan poses as 'The Interview' mobile app

A new trojan targets Android users in South Korea who try to download an app that claims to download the new film The Interview. About 20,000 devices were infected with malware.

Sony hack: Is Congress next?

Experts estimate 90 percent of the government's security measures would not prevent the same kind of hacking attack that recently hit Sony.

Hacks are security wake-up call

Business leaders are wondering not only when the next cyber attack will come, but how to beef up their website security to prevent attacks.

Tor Responds To The Cyber Attack On Its Network, Allegedly Executed By The Same Hacker Gang That Took Down Xbox Live And PlayStation Network

The hackers behind the XBox and Sony Playstation Christmas cyber attacks have claimed responsibility for the recent TOR hacking. TOR uses encryption and a series of hosting servers to keep users anonymous.

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