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Business Verified by Trust Guard
Builds More Visitor Trust than BBB

The features speak for themselves.

  Business Verification
  Customizable Business Seal
  Private Dispute Resolution
  Set Pricing (no hidden fees)
  No Time Restrictions to set up an Account
  Seal Authenticated with Your Domain Name
  Website Verification Included


  Business Verification
  Business Seals
  Disputes are Publicly Displayed for the world to see.
  Pricing Based on Income & Employees
  Earn More Pay More Model
  Must be in Business for 1 Year

Business Verified Can Help

Show your customers that your website can be trusted.

Trust Guard's Business Verified is the fastest, most effective way to let your customers know that you are who you say you are. Here's How...

  • Business Verification

    First, we verify your business credentials, Including: business address, support phone, support email and other important info.

  • Resolve your Issues Discreetly

    Second, we give your customers a way to resolve problems through our private issue resolution system.

  • Business Verified Trust Seal

    Finally, the Business Verified Seal helps you to build trust on your website by making this information easily available.

Business Seals

Here is how it works.

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Your business
is verified by
Trust Guard

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Get our instantly
recognized Business
Verified trust seal.

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Place the seal
on your website
and shopping cart.

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Instantly build
visitor trust & make
more sales!

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Better Business Bureau® vs Business Verified by Trust Guard

What's the difference between the BBB and Business Verified by Trust Guard? Well, we're glad you asked! The BBB and Business Verified are similar in the sense that they both seek to serve the public by advocating better business practices so that consumers, their information, and their purchases are safe. It is also the purpose of both organizations to help consumers feel more confident about their purchases and to educate and empower them with the information they need to make more informed shopping decisions. Basically, both the BBB and the Business Verified by Trust Guard are helping to make the internet world more awesome. BBB vs. Business Verified by Trust Guard Details

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